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5 Tricks to Make Your Condo Look Big and Expensive

Condo living has been a trend for starting families, college or post-graduate students and young professionals who wish to enjoy a convenience-driven lifestyle without moving too far from the city.
You have easy access to business districts, you’re just a few blocks away from trendy hangouts and establishments and it’s a lot easier for you to go to work and back home. The only challenge in condo living perhaps is how to maximize your own space.
We have rounded up tips and tricks on how to make your condo look big and expensive:

1. Minimalism is your friend

Go for the minimal look and choose the simplest version of each piece that you can find and afford.

2. Pick a palette and stick with it

Commit to a unified palette, add affordable coordinating pieces whenever you come across them and make sure to keep everything look cohesive.

3.Add a mirror to make your room bigger

Visually expand a space with a mirror! This provides dimension to the space making the room appear much larger.

4.Add a frame or a piece of art

Art makes a condo unit feel more personal and intentional. Switch out a frame or piece of art whenever you are in the mood!

5.Get convertible furniture

Instead of going for the typical furniture, get convertible furniture. Consider adorning your walls with slim shelves to lessen large cabinets that take up space in your condo.
Remember that life happens in your own space! Be creative and play up the elements! After all, there’s no limit to how you want to maximize and beautify your condo.