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Life Lessons We Learned from Itaewon Class

  1. Save Money

Whether or not you have a revenge plan in place, saving money especially for rainy day should be on top of your list!

Tip: Figure out how much you spend and keep track of your expenses and save the rest or divide them into different ventures.

  1. Get insurance

Get an insurance plan that could financially protect and help you and your beneficiaries get back on your feet!

Tip: Review your lifestyle and goals to have better insight on which insurance you’ll need to invest in.

  1. Learn how to invest in stocks.

Park Saeroyi had big dreams. He knew he wouldn’t be able to earn money that will be enough to realize his plan and so he diversified his assets by investing in stocks.

Tip: Before you get into investing of any kind, you first have to make sure that your overall financial situation is in a position to accommodate the new activity. Research and get some investment education.

  1. Invest in Properties

Park Saeroyi knows that while he is a determined and an industrious man, his knowledge on money matters is limited. He then sought the help of his friend who helped him manage his money better by investing in properties and other businesses.

Tip: When it comes to building a retirement nest egg for the future, property is still regarded as one of the safest long-term investments. Be realistic with your investment goals and know your budget.

  1. Set financial priorities.

Park Saeroyi didn’t indulge himself with wants until he was able to achieve these goals. He only invested in properties when it’s really needed and allowed himself to have small luxuries in life like a car when his business went global.

Tip: Take time to evaluate your long-term goals in life. When you’ve figured it out, set realistic financial plans and priorities to help you reach your dreams.

Source: Preview PH