MetaMOREphosis: VRI Trade Launch 2019

Vista Residences brought forward it’s cool and fun side on a private trade launch held at BGC last March 20, hosted by the celebrity podcaster and digital creative – Joyce Pring. The event was held at The Island, formerly called as The Palace Pool Club.

Announcements and surprises excited the guests as new developments and promos were presented in the program. The title of the event – MetaMOREphosis, emphasized the word MORE as more promos and surprises will be made by VRI all throughout 2019.

The title was also derived from the word ‘metamorphosis’ meaning change and improvement, as Vista Residences is currently innovating all aspects of its operations, and also developing its products. Various giveaways were handed out as the audience enjoyed all of the performances by different dance groups. Everyone danced the night away at the end of the program, with all the good beats brought to the house by DJ Mars Miranda.