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Baguio City’s outlook soars with Vista Residences’s Hill Series


CARVED into the Benguet province in the Cordillera Administrative Region, 1,500 meters above sea level, Baguio City is a quaint spread decorated with pockets of houses balanced on undulating mountainsides, aproned by pine forests and low-lying clouds.  Because of the highland climate, Baguio is easily one of the beloved cities in the country and a favorite vacation spot, as it is an enchanting escape from the humid and searing heat of the tropical lowlands.

Once the site of an Ibaloi village, Baguio—named from the Ibaloi word bagiw, meaning “moss”, was established as a hill station by the Americans in the 1900s.  “Hill stations” were towns built mostly by Europeans on hills and mountains in their colonies as a place to escape to when the heat in the main cities became unbearable.  Hill stations served as vital centers of colonial political and military power and were designed to resemble the “home country”. Hence, Baguio was blueprinted by then-famed urban planner Daniel Burnham after American resort towns.

In tribute to this fascinating aspect of Baguio’s history, Vista Residences, the condominium arm of the country’s premier developer Vista Land, is creating its “Hill Series”.  A collection of charming vertical villages designed to be both vacation or forever homes in the Summer Capital.

The first in the Hill Series:Vista Brent Hill


Today the Summer Capital is the seat of the Cordillera Administrative Region and the center of business and education for the entire Northern Luzon. The city is home to the Baguio City Economic Zone, and much of the mined and agriculture goods produced in the province pass through Baguio for processing and distribution to the rest of Luzon, and the country.

The mountaintop metro is also a big “university town”, as half its population is students, and there are at least eight universities in the city. This is why Vista Residences chose to build its first Baguio development on Yangco Road, beside the expansive Brent International School campus. The Vista Brent Hill’s location puts it conveniently close to the Summer Capital’s main landmarks and tourist attractions, including the Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral, Burnham Park, Baguio Public Market, Teacher’s Camp and the Pink Sisters Chapel.

Thus, while Vista Brent Hill’s location makes it a convenient vacation home, its proximity to the international academy and other colleges in the capital make it an excellent home for students working on getting an education, as well.

Introducing the newest addition to the Hill Series: Vista Pinehill

Following the success of Vista Brent Hill, the company presents a second development to respond to the need of students, residents and vacationers for more homes in the mountain hub. The new property’s site is on the gracefully winding Outlook Drive—one of Baguio’s key arteries connecting the city’s popular landmarks like the former US stronghold; Camp John Hay, as well as the beautiful Baguio Country Club—both a scenic 10-minute drive away.  Even closer are the Botanical Gardens and Mines View Park.  Offering the most magnificent view and surrounded by a pine forest, Vista Pinehill will stand out as a collection of studio and one-bedroom apartments, perfectly sized for the students who flock to the Summer Capital for an education and families who either want to stay, or come and go.

Vista Pinehill is blueprinted to take advantage of the magic of Baguio’s nature and culture.  It will be a mountainside hideaway, offering a panorama of pine forests that fall away into charming communities. From here, one can still enjoy the cold weather and clean pine-scented air that Baguio is loved for. Outlook Drive is far enough from the city’s center to be free from the noisy traffic, yet still an access to many of Baguio’s key destinations and cultural landmarks, allowing residents to play tourist and revel in the tribal life and the art that make Baguio so unique.

Rife with nature.  Rich in culture. Yet, blessed with modern conveniences.

Vista Pinehill is master-planned to be both a home to escape to and a vacation house to relax in.  Its 12 beautifully designed stories rise with the canopy of pine trees. Designed to blend with the land and not disrupt it, Vista Pinehill will be a hidden haven and one of the best places from which to truly enjoy Baguio.

The building will house a main lobby, an inner garden atrium and a function hall, where residents can gather and celebrate.  Balconies will become a bewitching refuge, where one can enjoy the beautiful weather and the stunning panorama. The midrise condominium will offer a gym and a spa for those who need to unwind.  Below the lower ground floors is a parking basement with elevator access to all the upper floors. As with all Vista Residences properties, there will be a guarded reception area, CCTV in public areas, and fire and smoke alarms and prevention systems.  Whether one plans to live in Baguio, or come and go at one’s pleasure, Vista Pinehill will be the perfect cozy little nook from where one can enjoy the magic of that beloved Pine City.

Vista Residences: Thoughtful and sustainable design

At Vista Residences, every room, every space is designed with creative and practical space planning.  It is something Vista Residences and its mother company, Vista Land, is known for.  Whether the property is themed or sensibly practical; wherever possible, the rooms are designed with space to breathe, the designs are stylish and the amenities first rate.  Function, design and the building of dwellings that families can truly call a “home” is central to the Vista Residences philosophy.

Vista Residences designs buildings that make full use of natural light and air circulation to take advantage of the sun and wind our tropical islands offer, and lessen the toll on the environment and the resources of the surrounding community.  The condos are designed with single-loaded corridors—again offering better privacy, as well as balconies that open to amazing views of the surrounding city.

Vista Residences carries with it Vista Land’s four decades of experience in building homes, and creating master-planned communities—integrating into every project an unparalleled expertise in space planning, and flair for finding attractive locations.  In addition, the company is committed to assuming a chief role in the condominium sector, creating greater awareness of their capabilities, as well as enhancing efficiencies in their resource distribution.




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