WONDERLAND: VRI Annual Awards 2019

It was a night of glitz and glam for VRI’s brokers and agents last April 10 at Palazzo Verde, as the company celebrates its Annual Awards for networks. The event was entitled Wonderland – inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The theme reflects the company’s vision of providing endless possibilities to all its networks and facing the impossible and difficult roads head on. The guests dressed up in pastel colored suits and gowns contrasting the bright lights and decors that filled the venue. Pens designed as keys were handed out upon entry as souvenir gifts, which signified the opening of limitless doors of opportunities to all of the attendees.

Everyone enjoyed the sumptuous dinner as they take selfies and groupies against the fairy-tale like venue. Trophies were given to all of the awardees in different categories. Musical performances were presented by VRI’s select employees and theatre performers.