No, all residential units shall be used for residential purposes only.

Filipino buyers have an exclusive right to own the unit and can pass it on to their kin provided with Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT).

Yes. 40% of the total units in a project can be sold to foreign buyers.

Foreign buyers can still purchase from the remaining 60% under Assignment of Right To Use (ARTU). However, this will no longer be Perpetual Ownership so there’s no CCT/Title. It will be leasehold with 50 years of contract.


Our condo unit does not come with a parking slot but you have the option to buy a permanent parking space within the property as long as there is still an available slot. For inquiries on the available parking space and rates, you may contact any of our Digital Sales Specialists at 0999 886 4262 / 0917 582 5167.

A unit owner can only purchase one parking slot.

A unit owner who does not avail any parking slot may opt to rent from Vista Residences Leasing or from other unit owners who are renting out their parking slots.

With this scenario, the parking slot will also be cancelled.


Condominium dues may vary depending on the projected operational cost of the project upon turnover. Every year, you will also be paying a realty tax on your unit, the land on which the complex stands, and on all common areas. Realty tax is a separate fee from the association dues that you also need to settle.

Condominium dues are used to pay the following expenses: operating and maintenance expenses of the condominium, insurance premiums, real estate and property taxes of the amenities and common areas, permits and licenses fees paid to the government, other necessary expenses.

Payment of condominium dues will start once the unit has been accepted by the unit owner or deemed accepted based on turnover policy.


Once you have chosen the condo you would like to purchase, you will have to accomplish and sign the reservation form and pay the reservation fee For easier and faster property reservation, you may reserve online by clicking the Reserve Now button on our website and follow the steps indicated in the Online Reservation section


There are two most common financing options today – in-house financing and bank financing. In-house financing is simply getting the loan directly from your developer. It does not involve third parties and requires fewer documents. Banks, on the other hand, have stricter eligibility requirements but have more flexible loan options and lower interest rates. Our Digital Sales Specialist may assist you in determining the best financing option that could help you get your dream condo or investment.


Building has been completed; Buyer has met the payment & documentary requirements for move-in; Buyer has signed the Certificate of Acceptance; Buyer has settled the required Working Capital (equivalent to 3 months Condo Dues); Buyer has submitted the filled out move-in forms; Buyer has attended the orientation on the House Rules conducted by the Property Administration; Buyer has submitted all other documents as may be required by the Property Administration.


Turnover of the unit depends on several factors but it can be anywhere from the 1st to the 24th month upon full payment of the unit. You may ask the Sales Specialist or Broker to guide you accordingly

You will qualify for a unit turnover if you are able to meet the requirements. The condo association or the developer (if the association has not been founded yet) will schedule a turnover if the contract price is fully paid (including applicable penalties and interests) and all documentary compliances are submitted.

You will receive a notice of availability of unit turnover which will be sent to you personally or by courier. It will be delivered to the address indicated in the Contract to Sell (CTS).

Upon receiving your unit, you will become a member of the condominium association. The notification of occupancy will be given to you to authorize your move-in. The keys will also be given within ten to fifteen business days after submission and settlement of the requirements. The Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT) and tax declaration will be delivered to you as soon as available. The Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) is a legal document that acts as proof of ownership of the condominium unit, stating the number of the unit, the name of the owner and other particulars such as the civil status and nationality of the owner. Only you can accept this document.

Apart from you, your spouse, attorney-in-fact or any representative with your written authorization letter (duly notarized or consularized) is allowed to accept the unit on your behalf. Presenting two valid IDs is also required.


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