Frequently Asked Questions


Does each condo unit come with a parking slot?

How many parking slots can be purchased?

What happens if a unit owner does not avail any parking slot?

If a purchased residential unit was cancelled by the buyer, what happens to the purchased parking slot?


Can a residential unit be used for commercial purposes?

Is the condo unit perpetual or freehold?

Can a foreign citizen buy a condominium unit in Vista Residences?

What if the 40% allotted to foreign buyers is sold-out?


How much is the monthly condominium dues?

What is the purpose of collecting condominium dues from the unit owners?

When will a unit owner start paying for the condominium dues?


What are the requirements in reserving a Vista Residences property?


What are the financing options available in Vista Residences?

       MOVE IN

Buyers will be allowed to move in after the following conditions are met:


When is the turnover of my unit?

Do I automatically qualify for a unit turnover?

How will I know if my unit is ready for turnover?

Can I request for an early turnover of my unit?

Can I inspect my unit before the turnover?

What happens after a turnover?

Who else may accept the unit if I am not available on the scheduled turnover date?


I am considering to buy a condo unit for investment. Can you tell me how resalable Vista Residences property is? Can you help me lease it?