Condo and Condominiums For Sale and Buy in Cagayan de Oro

Condo for Sale in CDO

As Cagayan de Oro Misamis Oriental is both an economic and tourist hub, buying a property here is a wise investment move here in the Philippines. And seeing the pulse of its customers, Vista Residences ensures that The Loop Towers is well-prepared to cater to the needs of its residents.   


Why Invest a Condo in Cagayan de Oro Misamis Oriental?

Taking a step further in the Philippines, Cagayan de Oro has been proving that it has more to offer. Aside from being called the Gateway to Northern Mindanao, the city is also the development hub of Region 10. With the abundance of a talented workforce combined with thriving businesses, CDO is said to contribute about half of the Misamis Oriental province’s total investment.  

Complementing its moniker, the City of Golden Friendship, the city welcomes tourists and people who are looking for better opportunities or a new place to call home with a seamless blend of city and suburban life. 

With the presence of an international port and multi-berth base port, an international-standard airport, and extensive inter-and intra-city road networks, this world-class city has a well-developed infrastructure backbone, excellent connectivity to major production areas and markets, rich agricultural resources; an extensive pool of human resources; and, a diverse range of eco-tourism attractions coupled with a dynamic cultural and arts. These surrounding locations are very accessible to everything which makes the property worth it.

Although there have been few new developments in top locations, purchasing a condo provides a convenient and luxurious lifestyle that everyone deserves. A for sale condo in Cagayan de Oro with a strategic location is an excellent lifelong investment that will provide you with financial freedom as well as a significant appreciation rate in value, allowing you to turn your investment into an income-generating instrument. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in Cagayan de Oro:

  1. Booming Tourism
  2. Home of Quality Education in Northern Mindanao.
  3. Growth of BPO Sector
  4. Rent Opportunity

Indeed, Cagayan De Oro City is one of the booming cities in the Philippines, not just in tourism aspect but in business and investment as well. One of the common investments of today that most investors are seeking is condominiums. Despite being a place away from Metro Manila, Cagayan De Oro is considered one of the best locations to invest in real estate due to its proximity to conveniences and its booming economy. Potential buyers can opt to rent out the unit that they will be buying to have a passive potential income.

Why Invest at Vista Residences?

Vista Residences has many notable properties, projects, and developments located at the top locations in the Philippines from Luzon to Mindanao. The Loop is one of the developments of the company in Cagayan de Oro Misamis Oriental. This condo for sale in Cagayan de Oro is one of the new developments of Vista Residences. The properties of the top condominium developer offer different property type and access to surrounding locations such as commercial, retail, business districts, and close to tourist attractions. With the continuous and new developments in Cagayan de Oro Misamis Oriental, today is the right time to make a smart choice and invest to have an opportunity to live close to top locations and landmarks in Cagayan de Oro in Misamis Oriental Philippines.

One of the active developers of condo in Cagayan De Oro is Vista Residences. Its wide array of condominium properties enable you to have a one-of-a-kind condo living experience while pursuing your corporate dreams with your family. One of its offerings in the area is The Loop Towers.

Vista Residences offers other properties around the Philippines such as major cities in Metro Manila, Baguio City, and Cebu City. 

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