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Why should you invest in Condo for sale in Cebu City?

Investor-friendly City

The Visayas, whose strategic location is in the Center of the Philippines makes it an ideal home for investors and businesses seeking to do business, making it the perfect location and a perfect landing spot to invest in luxury condominiums. The city is the Philippines’ most developed urban and the local government offers tax holidays to foreign and domestic companies in exchange for the hiring of top-local graduates.

Astounding Tourist

Cebu City is a tourist paradise; it is widely recognized as the Central and Southern Philippines’ primary tourist getaway. The City welcomed a total of 9.4 million tourists in 2019, up 16.36% compared to 2018’s million arrivals. According to the Department of Tourism (DOT) 7, the total arrivals and tourist growth in the city are very impressive as it shows 18.46% to 4,308,226 foreign tourists’ arrivals while domestic tourists grew 14.58% to 5,116,084.

After offering a trip through the nation’s very own memory lane, Cebu City also offers more modern escapades through its dazzling city life. 

If you’re looking for the perfect stop for your family or even just a day off for some good old-fashioned nature fun, a visit to Mountain View Nature Park is a must. From the water playground to its jungle gym, this park offers all sorts of fun, in all shapes and sizes too! There is also a restaurant, café, and hotel rooms to satisfy your different needs for a fun-filled day. 

Work Opportunities

There is three commercial areas located in Cebu, each providing businesses in the IT industry. The City also has a vibrant and locally produced food and handcraft industry. So it's also the perfect location for a Food Business for artisanal products. Here you have great career opportunities in business. The IT Park Business Park and Mactan Oceantown are three of the city's main business district. They are home to IT and business process outsourcing.

Accessibility and Location

Cebu City is the main travel gateway into central and southern Philippines. It provides more domestic air and sea linkages than any other city in the country. The city is the Philippines’ main domestic shipping port and home to about 80% of the country’s domestic shipping companies and the country’s second busiest airport, the Mactan Cebu International Airport, making the city a significant center of commerce, trade, and education in the Visayas.

Aside from all these, essentials are just a few minutes away. There are lots of commercial establishments, shopping malls, and some major establishments such as hospitals, and hubs near most residential units.

Several top developers have also unveiled their condominium projects in the city. They want to capitalize on booming property markets in the City. As an island community incorporating sunlight, sand, and sea into daily contemporary living, it is nothing unusual or complicated. It is nothing more difficult than living in the sun and sea in an island village in the south.  

Metro Cebu, the largest residential hub outside Metro Manila and despite of its fast economic growth, Cebu City continues to seamlessly blend a city’s fast-paced lifestyle and nature-inspired rustic environs, attracting more young professionals searching for a work-life balance. 

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