Best Smart Home Technology for Condo Living — ft. Vista Residences' Morrison Heights

May 28, 2023

A smart home is a house that utilizes a system of gadgets to automate things you would usually do yourself on a daily basis. Having a hard time opening your lights when you just got home? You could easily have functions like that to be done with voice control. With home automation, you can save time and energy doing these menial tasks and focus more on your life and work.

Smart home security systems and smart home devices may be exactly what you need for that added peace in your home. Not only that, but these smart features have more benefits than you may think. Plus, it can also bring a high return on investment, especially since a smart home has many trending and appealing features that many buyers want.

How smart technology will affect your home's value

With this advancement in technology, you can essentially control your home from the palm of your hand. Your condo unit can come to life with a simple setup of these smart home gadgets — everything can be done remotely,  with voice control, and with motion detectors.

Comfort and convenience

Smart home appliances are definitely a major game changer with how you can have mobile access to control almost every electronic smart device you may have, from security cameras, smart lights, smart speakers, smart washers, smart refrigerators, smart ovens, smart bulbs, smart locks, robot vacuums, and many other smart devices. Everything can be accessed through remote controls and voice commands. You can even save energy since smart home systems can perform routines automatically. Now you won't have to rush back home to see if you left any lights on or appliances running.

Energy efficiency

Not only can your home life be convenient, but you can also be energy efficient with the best smart home devices in your smart home. A smart home system is what's in these days, especially with how homeowners can save a lot of money by using smart devices. Having smart home upgrades means you can reduce the need for electricity, power, and air conditioning. With more effective utilization of appliances and devices, energy expenses can be greatly reduced.

How smart technology can bring high return on investment (ROI) in property value in the future

Nowadays, people look for real estate developers with smart technology. It's something in demand with buyers, especially considering how it's in demand and how energy use is more efficient in smart homes. With this, a condo unit with smart technology is likely to bring in a high return on investment.

If you don't know what ROI, or high return on investment, is, it is basically the ratio of net income to investment. When you have a high return on investment, what you gain from an investment is favorable.

Buying a smart home has a huge advantage in that its resale value will gradually increase. With more people gradually getting interested in smart home features, you can increase your prices if you plan to sell or have your property rented out. Thus, smart home ROI is highly favorable.

Better security systems and safety

To add to the many benefits of smart home technology, there are also smart security features. You can always make sure you and your home are safe with smart security, smart doorbells, and everything being under your control through your smart home network. Plus, with a smart door lock, you can change the lock anytime a new renter decides to move in. With other devices such as entry sensors and detection patterns as part of security systems' other features, you can most definitely make sure you're safe at all times. With this, you can monitor your home in real-time even while you're away.

Flexibility and customizations

Home automation technology can be really flexible when it comes to customization. For example, with smart led lighting, you can adjust the brightness however you like; you can choose to turn on or off smart plugs around your house, or the led bulbs or smart light bulbs can be changed according to your own preferences.

So, are you considering condo living with smart home features yet? If you are, then you're just in luck. Here is one of Vista Residences' best smart home condos in the Philippines — Morrison Heights.

Vista Residences' Morrison Heights

Morrison Heights in España is a pre-selling condo unit launched by Vista Residences, the premier condominium arm of Vista Land. If you're looking to buy a smart condo armed with the latest smart tech and smart security, Morrison Heights is one of your best bets.

It is a 35-story building consisting of thirty (30) residential floors, one (1) amenity floor, three (3) parking floors, and a roof deck. Named after one of the greatest American writers, Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, Morrison Heights is a symbol of change.

Morrison Heights was created with smart home technology features that are updated and convenient for all its residents. This includes a smart door lock and a smart socket for extra security while enjoying a modern lifestyle in Manila. Besides the home security offered, the condo unit is also located near the University of Sto. Tomas and the University Belt. Moreover, it has its own pool deck where you could take a quick dip, a sky garden for leisurely and peaceful walks, a gym where you could engage in activities for your fitness, a function hall for gatherings, and a study hall for those who need to work.

Invest Smart in a Smart Condo

Finally, have you decided on investing in a smart condo? As you've read, home automation is fantastic and has many benefits. It's not only a way to keep up with technology or to show off; it can also be a good way to enhance your home and will give you more time for yourself overall.

If you're a busy professional who's always on the go, consider a smart home that can do manual tasks for you so you can focus on your career. Time is money, and this extra time for yourself can definitely be a game changer.

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