Pets To Consider In Your Pet-friendly Condo in Shaw

Nov 28, 2022

It's safe to say that humans adore our feathered, scaled, or furry friends! No matter if they have two legs, four legs, or none at all. A pet is a friend.

For pet owners and new tenants, are pets allowed in condominiums? Which animals are most suitable for apartments and other small spaces? What are the laws, fees, and rules governing this subject? In this guide, we answer your questions. Make sure to look at condos close to you if you're looking for a pet-friendly condo. 

What pet should you consider inside your condo?

Having said that, are you considering getting a pet and currently renting a condo? Or are you trying to find the ideal place where you and your animal companion can live happily ever after? By reading this, you can discover the advantages of residing in a pet-friendly neighborhood and all the animals that are welcome in condos.

1. Dogs

Dogs can be trained to be well-behaved, which makes them simple to care for in an apartment, even though they aren't the best low-maintenance pets. They should also be mentioned right away because they're arguably one of the most well-liked pets. No doubt, there are many condo-friendly dogs out there.

Of course, having a smaller dog is easier in a smaller condo. They are easier for residents to manage and are generally well-liked by the neighborhood. Although this is purely subjective, it's preferable to have smaller dogs in smaller living spaces rather than larger ones because some homes may be unnerving to larger breeds. Before moving in or getting a new dog, it's always best to check with the condo agents because some buildings might also have breed and weight restrictions.

2. Cats

Another common pet choice among condo residents is a cat, which is typically more low-maintenance than a dog. Cats are well known for being independent, requiring less effort, such as walking, and depending on size, may even consume less food and liquids.

Cats are typically among the better choices for residents who want a pet.

3. Birds

Smaller birds, like finches or canaries, are typically welcomed at residential buildings, particularly if they spend a lot of time in a cage. Just make sure to discuss this with your leasing manager, as some communities might not allow larger birds like parrots or cockatiels.

Regularly released birds may also be subject to limitations, particularly in buildings with brand-new or barely used carpets.

4. Turtles

Many people think of turtles as being low-maintenance, but in reality, they need ongoing special care. They also require space to expand in their tanks, so even though you may have started with a smaller turtle, you might end up with a bigger one than you anticipated.

Turtles require a tank, particular lighting, a water filtration system, and the right temperature. A potential turtle owner should be ready for a lot of dedication and commitment over time.

5. Hamster

Another excellent option for small, low-maintenance pets is the hamster.

They don't require a lot of effort, care, or time. Having a wheel in their cage is crucial because they frequently play and exercise alone.

Most hamsters also have a short lifespan, typically between two and four years. They are also very affordable, costing little more than the initial setup fees. Naturally, you'll still need to give them food and clean their cages, particularly the pee corners. This keeps them content and leaves your condo fresh and clean.

6. Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs would come out on top if we had to choose just one low-maintenance pet. A guinea pig is one of the best pets for apartments because they are simple to handle and care for.

Guinea pigs also don't need as much space as a new puppy might to be content. And while fish is also quite simple, they can't possibly compare to how warm, interactive, and cuddly guinea pigs can be. Furthermore, because they live in a confined space like a crate, guinea pigs are among the cleanest and pet-friendly condos.

7. Fish

Another well-liked option for renters' pets is fish. Five-gallon or smaller aquariums are simple to set up in your apartment on top of a TV stand or end table. Next to guinea pigs, fish are probably the least demanding pets on this list.

The following are some of the top choices for newbie fish keepers:


Neon tetras

Betta fish


The Benefits of Pet-Friendly Condo

Both health-related and non-health benefits of pets are numerous. Among their many benefits are protection, companionship, and stress relief. These advantages assist landlords in having healthy and content residents, thereby lowering the possibility of strained relationships. The residents feel at ease thanks to the pets, who also make the neighborhood feel like a home.

A pet-friendly condo also eliminates the possibility of shady tenants bringing their animals inside. Although the policy might not permit all types of animals, it most likely covers the most common household pets, especially condo-friendly dogs. Attempting to bring in unapproved animal companions is one of the issues that might irritate landlord-tenant relations.

And if you're looking for a new home with your pet, the newest pet-friendly condo by Vista Residences might be the one you're searching for!

Vista Shaw is your pet friendly neighborhood

One of the best condos in Mandaluyong is Vista Shaw by Vista Residences. It is a 38-story condominium that rises over Shaw Boulevard at the intersection of Laurel Street. Living in Metro Manila's shopping capital with malls, eateries, and other commercial hubs nearby is one of the many opportunities this condo offers for sale in Mandaluyong. This condominium can be your companion's new home. This condominium can give you and your dog the best quality of life!

You and your pet can take advantage of many beautiful amenities. If you're looking for convenience, Vista Residences provides its residents with a lovely pathway for walking their pets through the grounds and a peaceful green area.

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