Best Indoor Pets in your Condo

Feb 13, 2022

Imagine coming home after a long and tiring day at work or school, then your dog or cat immediately welcomes you. Isn't it comforting? Nothing beats seeing their tails wagging out of excitement and hearing them purr or bark. 

Pets have been the most devoted, loyal, and greatest companions throughout many generations. The bond between people and animals has benefited our mental health in various ways. They have brought so much joy, comfort, and stress relief that they have become worthy to be members of the family. 

Nowadays, as a result of the advancement of upgraded and modern lifestyles prioritizing individual wellness, most property developers have campaigned for the inclusion of pets in their properties. This extends to their vertical projects, with condominiums, especially condos in the Philippines, serving as a great example of how to make buildings pet-friendly. That is why if you have pets and if you are planning to venture out real estate investing, developers immediately highlight this aspect as the majority of the residents typically have a pet buddy with them. 

Condo living is great because of the lifestyle advantages, its location, amenities, and recreational activities where people can socialize and have fun; but, what makes condo living very special is if you are accompanied by a pet. If you plan on adopting one, this article will showcase a variety of the best indoor pets for you! 

Best Indoor Pets for Condo

Before keeping a pet in your condo, make sure to check if your building allows it, although the majority of the buildings and condos are for sure pet-friendly. You still might want to inquire if there are any restrictions or requirements that apply to it. Aside from that, you should see if the amenities in your condo are adequate for your pet's needs and demands. It should be something that will not cause you any difficulties when caring for your pet. 


Dogs can do well in confined places like your condo, but selecting the proper breed is crucial to your success. While many areas have limitations to size, the truth is that a large dog can live happily in a condo unit if you meet their daily activities and exercises, and give them the environmental enrichment they need during the day. In choosing the right dog breed for you, also consider its tendency to bark loudly and disturb neighbors at night. 

Although dogs aren't the most low-maintenance pets, they can be trained to be well-behaved, making them easier to care for in a small space. After all, they are not tagged as “Man’s best friend” for no reason. 


As opposed to dogs who are very energetic and lively, cats are calmer and more adaptable. Cats can be the ideal pet for any space, while not every breed or personality is suited to living in a tight location. Generally, cats do well in condos since they spend much of their time curled up in a favorite location sleeping. They don't need to be walked and can live entirely indoors. When you're at home, most cats require attention, although it can be as simple as cuddling in front of the TV, combing or brushing its fur, or playing with toys.  

Cats are known for being independent, self-sufficient, and they don’t require much effort as they do clean themselves. Cats may also eat less food and drink less water depending on their size; thus, taking good care of them is very economical. 

In general, cats are one of the best choices for someone like you who wants a pet in a condo. 

Parrots and other Birds

Having a parrot or a bird as a pet can be good and ideal indoors. Birds make excellent first pets since they are easy to integrate into families with children and teach them the responsibility of animal ownership. They are also extremely intelligent and sociable. With this, birds are easier to train than other animals. 

Smaller birds are generally well-accepted in condominiums and other buildings especially if they often stay in a cage. Larger birds, on the other hand, may not be allowed in certain communities, so it is best if you discuss this with the rightful people just to make sure. 

If you're new to bird ownership, do some research on the breed you want to get to make sure you'll be able to care for them regularly. This involves not just feedings, cage cleanings, and cage setup, but also behavioral requirements including human interaction, toys, and other mental stimulation. 


A small aquarium with fresh or saltwater fish is an excellent choice for an indoor pet. Fishes are very low-maintenance and they don’t need much supervision. You won't have to worry about disturbing your neighbors or providing exercise and walks for your dogs if you keep fish. Having fish as pets also has a lot of health benefits like improved sleep, lowered blood pressure, reduced anxiety among others. 

Some of the best breeds of fish that you might consider are: 

  • Goldfish
  • Neon tetras
  • Betta fish
  • Zebrafish

Also, having an aquarium in your space elevates your condo design setup making it look fresher. 


Another good choice of indoor pets is hamsters. Hamsters are low-maintenance small pets that are fun to play with. These tiny creatures do not take a lot of time, care, and attention aside from cage cleaning, feeding, and making sure they have the appropriate toys to play with. Like cats, they also groom themselves. They also do not take much space because they are typically caged. 

Another good thing about owning a hamster is that they are extremely affordable. However, most hamsters have a short lifespan, usually two to four years. 

Guinea Pigs 

If ever there is a winner for the most low-maintenance pet on this list, it would be guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are one of the greatest pets for condos since they are easy to handle and care for. Unlike a new dog, guinea pigs do not require as much space to be happy. Fish are equally simple to care for, but they're not as cuddly, warm, or interactive as a guinea pig.

Guinea pigs live in a confined habitat similar to a crate, making them one of the cleanest pets best for indoors. They are inexpensive as well, so you won't have to worry about costly and frequent vet costs. 

Owning a pet is indeed therapeutic and comforting; however, not all can have the ability to shoulder the responsibility of another living being. Examining your lifestyle and time commitment is the best line of action. You can figure out which pet is perfect for you in this list based on how much care you can give without becoming overwhelmed. But of course, you should provide your fur babies with great food from trusted stores in the country. 

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