Student Diaries: Knowing The Ideal Condo for College Students in Manila

Dec 22, 2022

College students face a battleground in their university each day. With that said, more and more parents are deciding to invest in a condo for students near their schools to help them concentrate more on studying rather than exhausting themselves in traffic every day. That said, choosing to buy a student condo in Manila is the best first step in giving university students the ideal college life. But of course, many families can attest that this decision is not easy to make. Given that, it is crucial to weigh your options properly and consider a few things before jumping in with both feet. And to help you decide, this article will list down a few benefits for a student to live in a condo in the Philippines while studying.

Why is Investing in a Condo Ideal for College Students?

Focusing mainly on education is undoubtedly the main pro of a student living in a condo. On that note, bid farewell to long commutes, stress with the traffic, and less hassle from going to and fro the city. Additionally, the ideal college life also consists of late nights and fun times! So if you decide to go for condo living, you can rest assured that nightlife districts are also at arm's reach. After all, having the best college experience means balancing having fun and studying side by side. But aside from that, allowing your child to live alone opens the door to independence for them. 

Whether you want to invest in a condo for sale in Manila or find spaces up for leasing, Vista Residences has got you covered! Feel free to contact them if you want to enroll your condo for leasing for potential rental income, and do not hesitate to call if you need help finding a space to lease. Indeed, with Vista Residences' help, the possibilities are endless!

Benefits of Living in a Condo While Studying

Although there are countless benefits to living in a condo for students, we jotted down a few things that might impact your decision. So whether you are looking for a condo in Ubelt, condo in Taft, and a condo in España, they will most likely offer you the following:

Study halls and other student-friendly facilities

One of the most outstanding facilities that condos offer is study halls where students can quietly review for their exams. Not only that, but student condos in Manila provide a holistic environment that promotes well-being in all aspects. For instance, students can also benefit from swimming in pools and going to the gym to ensure their physical health is in check. 

Notably, Vista Residences' condo in Taft, Vista GL Taft, offers modern-day facilities and is strategically located near UP Manila and St. Paul! And some of the fantastic facilities this tower boasts include a study lounge, function room, game room, and a sky garden! Without a doubt, Vista Residences has made buying a condo a worthy investment. After all, they made Vista GL Taft the best place to enjoy leisure, fitness, and fun together! For more details about Vista GL Taft, visit this link.

No need for long commutes

Accessibility to transportation is one of the strong suits of a condo in the Philippines. With that said, saying goodbye to long commutes gives off significant satisfaction to people who know how bad the traffic is in Manila. What is more, living in a condo means having everything you need just a few minutes away! For instance, walking to your university or driving there for a few minutes is a luxury that not most people enjoy. For instance, Vista Residences' Vista Recto is strategically located near educational institutions: Far Eastern University, Centro Escolar University, UST, TIP, and San Beda. Indeed, Vista Recto is a great option for people looking for a condo in Ubelt. Notably, students will love the amenities that this tower has to offer. To illustrate, Vista Residences equipped this tower with a swimming pool, fitness gym, and study and function halls, but best of all, they have a viewing deck for everyone to use!


Having a student condo in Manila means living with the luxury of convenience. Not only will you stay a few blocks from your university, but entertainment districts, convenience stores, and restaurants will be at an arm's reach for you! With that said, you no longer have to worry about an ingredient you lack while cooking or missing supplies you need for projects. To give you an idea, Vista Residences' Vista Taft is situated near University Mall, Green Mall, Robinsons Manila Place, and Mall of Asia! Not only that, but Benildeans, Lasallians, Arellanistas, as well as students from Philippine Women's University and St. Scholastica's College can enjoy staying in a home near their schools.

Safety is rest assured

When buying a condo for sale in Manila, one of the things you have to consider is the safety they offer. For instance, find an establishment where you can rest assured that round-the-clock security measures are in place. These include providing guards, security cameras, and a tight visitor sign-in process for each condo tower. Thankfully, 24-hour security is available to you if you choose to invest in Vista Residences! Whether it be a condo in España or any unit within Manila, your safety is prioritized.

Wise Investment

Even after graduating, you can still benefit from the condo unit you purchased! To illustrate, there is a possibility of rental income in the future years, or you can sell it at a higher price since there is a continuous rise in the real estate market value. So if you are considering buying a unit in advance for your children to use for college, Vista Residences offer pre-selling projects! Notably, you can check Vista's Kizuna Heights in Taft and Sky Arts Manila located in Malate. These towers offer diverse residential condo units. And on top of that, they are strategically located near hospitals, universities, and entertainment malls! With these pre-selling condos from Vista Residences, your investment will undoubtedly not go to waste.

Living in a condo as a student comes with great benefits. Ideally, it is good to still create a balance with your social life despite being bombarded with schoolwork and exams. Notably, it is possible with Vista Residences' outstanding condos in Manila. Feel free to contact us for inquiries at (+63) 999 886 4262 and (+63)917 582 5167.

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