Condo Guide: Redefining Student Living

Apr 08, 2016

The pressures that come with student life - having to balance all the academic requirements and school activities – are grueling tasks already, aggravated these days by long, tedious and unsafe commutes to and from their campuses.

There is no better timing to look for accommodations next semester than now. And for the freshmen who are out looking for the best university to enroll in, you may also want to consider searching for a condo residence nearest your preferred university.

Condominium properties near or within the vicinity of university clusters provide utmost convenience to students. Their strategic locations give students quick access to their campuses, saving them the hassle of long commutes and allowing longer rest hours, more time for school work and other social activities.

When choosing a condo in Manila or near universities, here are some tips parents and students should consider:

A. Location and accessibility

Is the condo near your school? Do you need to travel more than 15-minutes on foot? How is the surrounding area?

When inspecting a property, note how far you need to travel, make sure there are transportation terminals in the area and that the alleys and streets to and from your school are safe to walk through.

At Vista Residences, while we believe proximity to the schools and universities is key, safety and security are equally crucial. We made sure that all of our university series projects are within walking distance to major colleges and universities like Vista Taft which is right beside DLSU and across DLSU-CSB; Vista GL Taft near U.P. Manila, and Vista Pointe Katipunan and Katipunan 309 just right across Ateneo de Manila University.

B. Check the security features

We assume that when we are in the comforts of our homes, we are already safe from harm. Therefore, when choosing a temporary residence near your campus, it is important to make sure there is 24-hour security to monitor people’s comings and goings.

With Vista Residences, the residents and their parents have less to worry about because each building is equipped with a guarded reception area, smoke and fire alarms, sprinkler systems, generators, and CCTV systems in most of the public areas. 

C. Consider the Amenities

The condo property’s amenities should promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle for its student residents. Vista Residences believes the students deserve better than the dorm options around today. 

Its towers provide amenities like fitness gym, swimming pool, roof deck, and multi-purpose function rooms for hosting school meetings and social events. The university condominiums allow its residents to take better advantage of student life and better enjoy what is usually a short, but very memorable time.

D. How near or far away is the property from key locations?

It is always necessary to know the key establishments nearest your condo residence especially hospitals, places of worship, commercial complexes, grocery stores, affordable restaurants, coffee shops, Laundromats and other similar service providers.

Vista Residences’ top-tier condominium properties are all located within the Metro’s key commercial and business centers, allowing access not just to schools and universities but also to the main places of work and entertainment, as well as transportation hubs allowing easy movement. Learn more about our condo properties in Manila and Quezon City, and choose the perfect unit for you!

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