6 Basic Tips for Moving into your First Condo

Aug 28, 2020

Real estate is one of the most considered types of investment today. People say that property demand will never go away even during a crisis. 

 You might be looking at purchasing a unit either for your own use or as an investment. 

Or you might have already bought one? We know how excited you are! 

Weekends by the pool, gym in the morning, study with friends at night. Condo unit repair? Let the property management team handle it. Late night cravings? Restaurants and convenience stores are within arms reach. These are the things we love most about condo living alongside other benefits such as property ownership, urban living, property appreciation value, and modern and state-of-the-art amenities.

But before you settle into your new place, you need to do a little planning to be able to move into your new condo easier and hassle-free. You also have to know the basics of maximizing and styling up your new place to suit your lifestyle and needs. After all, condo ownership is a big commitment that requires planning for the unforeseeable and the unappealing but it’s worth creating a game plan to prevent headaches down the road. 

Here are some basic tips for moving into your first condo:

  1. Inspect and map out a maintenance plan – Prior to moving into your new condo, make a list of things you want to check. Schedule the condo inspection and make sure to be there. If anything needs fixing or repairing, it is important to know who is responsible for it. Remember, your condo unit, even if it is brand new, also needs upkeep. 
  2. Clean, paint and install – Clean the unit, wipe out the cabinets, paint the walls if necessary and plug in power strips before everything is moved in. These are the things that are best done without furniture and other condo items around.
  3. Dress up your condo depending on your style and with items that grow with you – Before you start thinking about furniture, discover your style preference first. Let your imagination run wild! Check out Pinterest or browse through design e-magazines to help you put up the elements together. Make sure to pick high quality items too that you can use for a long period of time. Blend these elements but keep in mind to create a sense of unity when dressing up your own place!
  4. Change the locks – You never know how many copies of the keys were in circulation before you got them or who had them. Don’t forget to install a room security system and have an extra copy of your key made. 
  5. Prepare your “First Day Pack” – Prepare essential items that you will be needing and using on your first night in the condo. Make sure you have the shower curtain, toilet paper, lamp, extension cord, plates, trash bags and of course your beddings ready on your first night. 
  6. Explore the community – Exploring the community is equally exciting as exploring and moving into your own unit. After you have settled your stuff in the condo, it’s now time to drive around and check out the nearby establishments! This will help your new location begin to feel like home

It’s easy to get excited and try to do it all at once but it’s very important to stick with the essentials first and incorporate the remainder over time. After all, the most well-appointed condo units are those that maintain an authentic, curated feel while reflecting the personality of those who live there.

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