7 Tips to Have a Toddler-friendly Condo to Avoid Accidents

Oct 26, 2022

Condo living means reaching greater heights, both literally and figuratively. However, suppose you are living in a condo unit and starting to have children. In that case, you will inevitably become aware of some issues, particularly the risks that they pose to your infant or toddler, and often question yourself on how to avoid accidents at home. 

Indeed, condo living can be a great way to live, but many parents worry that their children will get hurt or injure themselves while at home. This is especially true if young children are crawling and still learning to walk. 

A toddler-friendly home condo unit is a great way for parents to live their lives. It is also a great way to help your family stay safe and avoid accidents in the home. 

Babies, toddlers, and children are particularly vulnerable to accidents due to a lack of safety precautions that would normally spare parents and children from having to deal with a bruise, a slip, or worse, a life-threatening fall. Any new small family home with restricted condo space can go all out by making tiny adjustments to create a nest that echoes a toddler-friendly home and condo interior design.

Creating a safe environment is important when you have a toddler at home. These seven tips will help you have a toddler-friendly condo and answer the question 'of how to avoid accidents at home.' 

7 Tips and Tricks to Have a Toddler-friendly Condo to Avoid Accidents

Examine your Condo Interior Design

Before your baby comes, check how the interior of your condo will function once your soon-to-be toddler crawls, walks, or even runs inside. Once the baby learns to move on its own, keep an eye on how safe the interior of your apartment can be. 

Maintaining sufficient lighting in all of your condo unit's corners will help prevent tripping or sliding, especially for babies who still need to learn how to stand or walk on their own properly. 

Keep your Condo Clean

The most important thing you can do to prevent home accidents is to keep your space clean. This means making sure that all surfaces are free from clutter and that you have enough room to move around. You also want to be able to see any hazards in the path of your toddler, so it's a good idea to place screens on any high-traffic areas like kitchen counters and staircases if you have one in your condo.  

Install Safety Gates 

Toddlers need to stay away from the stairs and other places that would be dangerous for them if they fell or hit their heads. With this, safety gates can help children keep themselves safe. They can be used to prevent them from climbing on furniture, cabinets, and other things in the condo. These gates are usually installed on doorways, staircases, and entryways to the balcony. 

Additionally, you should also keep the balcony door closed at all times when it is not in use. 

Monitor Sharp Edges on your Furniture

You should also check for any sharp edges on furniture or appliances within reach of small children. This includes items such as stools, countertops, tables, and chairs. Sharp edges can cause injury if they come into contact with your child's fingers or toes. It is best to smooth these edges down before putting them away so that there are no sharp points that might cause harm. 

You can do this by using furniture protectors or simply by smoothing out any sharp corners on your furniture so that it won't cause harm when used by your child. You can also use sandpaper, a polishing cloth, or anything else to help you eliminate the sharp edges. If it's not possible to remove them completely, then at least make sure that they are not sharp enough for your toddler to hurt himself on them.

Maintain a Toddler-Friendly Kitchen

Multitasking parents frequently hold their babies while completing household chores, especially in the kitchen. Since the kitchen is one of the areas where children and adults are most likely to have accidents, it is essential to utilize the back burner of your stove and turn back the hot handles of pots and pans. Kids could grip these hot surfaces and get burned. 

In addition, knives, forks, and other potentially harmful items should be stored in a lockable cabinet. Ideally, choose a location that is far from where your toddler can reach. Even a refrigerator, which may contain foods that pose a choking risk to your child, could be fatal. A child can quickly make an unlikely trip to the hospital emergency room due to a peanut or a hard candy. 

Cover the Electric Plugs of your Condo 

Because kids are so eager to explore and hold things, don't be surprised if they grasp or stick their fingers into electrical plugs or sockets. Covering the electric plugs will prevent little fingers from reaching them and getting hurt. 

You can use tape, plastic wrap, or a small drop cloth. Tie it around the plug or place it over it.

Relocate the House Plants

Plants are great for your condo interior design. Indoor plants help purify the air in your condo unit and enhance the calming atmosphere in your small family home. Some plants, though, are poisonous to children and animals. A toddler could also get sick from eating dirt. 

To keep your plants out of reach, you may need to relocate your terrarium and potted plants to the balcony or suspend them from the ceiling. 

Investing in the greatest and safest condo for your children involves more than simply cleaning the entire apartment; it also involves keeping a close eye on them at all times. Having all these baby-proofing tips and tricks finished will also help you quickly become a competent and capable parent.

Before ensuring a toddler-friendly home condo, invest in a condo unit that provides the best protection and safety for your toddler and the entire family. Check Vista Residences for pre-selling condos and ready-for-occupancy condo units safe for the whole family!

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