8 Best Wall Types for your Condo

Mar 03, 2022

From supporting a roof to concealing pipes, walls serve a number of structural and ornamental purposes. That's why, when it comes to wall construction and renovation projects, learning how to recognize different wall kinds is crucial. You must know your options before you ever hire a contractor.

Plywood walls

Wooden walls are becoming more popular thanks to their eco-friendly nature. Plywood is a cheaper and lighter alternative to masonry walls. And with the help of water-resistant foam boards, plywood can be rendered fire-resistant as well.

While wooden walls are known for their durability, they tend to be more susceptible to natural elements like rain and sunlight compared to concrete walls. For this reason, they need regular paint touch-ups and maintenance. One way to prevent this from happening is to find which type of paint is best for interior walls.

Plywood walls are usually used for room partitions. However, good design sense and creativity can turn plywood walls into a stylish wall feature. This wall is also recommended for quick wall constructions for its ease of installation and quick construction time.

Concrete walls

Concrete walls are often employed inside residential buildings such as condominiums and apartments. These wall designs are very common around the world. Their strength and durability can be attributed to their simple design as well as their cost-efficiency. Concrete walls, whether the ones made of cement and sand or finished with a spray-on coating, are durable and non-irritating. Concrete walls are environmentally friendly as well. Concrete is a by-product of mining metals and natural resources. Since concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, water, and gravel components to boost strength and better absorb sound, this kind of wall is ideal for exterior walls. However, these walls need constant maintenance as they usually leak water in the form of condensation resulting in mold growth in these areas.

Brick walls

Brick walls are both beautiful and functional. They come in different shapes with great detailing on the surface which makes them an excellent addition to home decor. For this reason, brick walls are also used in commercial and industrial buildings and even in homes to give that authentic vibe.

There's just something about brick walls that makes any place more appealing to look at. This is probably why they are one of the most popular choices when it comes to wall types for your Condo. Brick walls add visual interest to your space that plain concrete or plasterboard can't match. In addition, their unique texture makes them ideal for bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside. They also possess an inherent appeal that not many other wall types can match.

Brick walls are available in a few different forms including vertical, horizontal, and perimeter which can be keyed or non-keyed. Keyed brick walls allow easy entry so that the homeowner or contractor can add decorative details to it on the inside of the home. 

Window walls

Window walls are the next step of development after the traditional wood or concrete walls. Window walls can be made from blocks of solid wood, stone, or other structural material that is used to protect your home from outside elements.

There are a lot of benefits to window walls, not just for the homeowner but for other people as well. Window walls assist to compartmentalize units, reducing the transfer of odors and sounds that can lead to disputes among neighbors in residential buildings. Imagine having a finished outside room where you can have barbecues, parties, and other household functions. These types of walls are also easy to install and come in a variety of finishes and styles with both interior and exterior elements.

Brick Veneer Walls 

Brick veneer is usually a finished product known for its superior strength as well as its beauty when it comes to giving your home a traditional and consistent look. Brick veneer is made from fire-resistant materials that can safely be used for exterior walls.

You can also get brick veneer in different colors, shapes, and sizes to match your existing home décor. Also, you can choose the type of finish to give a traditional or contemporary look. One way to improve the aesthetic appeal of brick veneer walls is to install wood trim with 2-inch spacers between the bricks.

Stucco walls

Stucco walls are made from a combination of cement and sand mixed with an assortment of aggregates or pebbles, which are then mixed with water and applied over a wooden or concrete wall. When it dries, stucco hardens to become a great insulator, waterproof surface that is also fire-resistant. Aside from being great for keeping moisture, materials, and pests out of your home, stucco walls are known for their durability to withstand harsh elements and natural disasters such as hurricanes. Stucco is ideal for exterior walls, but it requires a more technical job that professional installers can handle.

Stucco walls are sometimes referred to as adobe or plastered walls, depending on the type of stucco used to finish the exterior walls. While they aren't as common as brick or concrete walls, these kinds of walls are just as good in terms of durability and aesthetics.

Fuller Stone walls

Fuller stone is a porous material that forms when tiny stones are pressed together until they interlock. These materials are known for their high strength and stability which makes them ideal for exterior and interior walls construction. They're also highly resilient to natural disasters like wind, rain, and sun; making them perfect for exposed parts of your home such as porches and verandas. 


Drywalls are often used in conjunction with stucco. Aside from being ready to use the instant they dry, drywalls do not require mortar and can be transferred between homes or rooms without any difficulty. Straightforward instructions are provided to homeowners on how to install these walls, but it's recommended that you hire a professional if you don't have any knowledge of construction materials.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a wall type for your Condo is how visible it will be. Some types of walls, like brick and concrete, are more exposed than other types of walls like drywall and window walls. The other important thing is whether the condo you're purchasing has already been furnished or not. If not, the location of your window walls or whether you want a sliding glass door in your bedroom can influence which wall type you decide on. Condos are very versatile in terms of decorating as it is but whatever your preferences, there's bound to be a wall type that will suit you.

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