Best Traits That a Property Specialist Should Have

Jul 20, 2022

In terms of looking at various properties in the market, the wisest way to find the property that suits one's financial capability, lifestyle, and goals is by having someone trustworthy to find deals with. We all once knew someone who almost tried to push a sale down our throat, and it didn't work well with the potential relationship that would have flourished if not for the forceful marketing. Do not get this wrong because tenacity is one of the traits admired most for a property specialist to thrive in the business; real estate is not easy to delve into.

Property specialists are experts in their field as they have lived and breathed this lifestyle. If one thinks of professionals who are mostly connected to high-net-worth individuals, it's those who work in the real estate and construction industry. The language does not talk about hundreds but in terms of millions worth of projects and deals. The job involves meeting people who are ready to talk to millions in terms of investment and catching up with the lifestyle. The way these people move and conduct transactions take confidence built over time.

Here are some hard skills one should look for in a Property specialist

The hard skills needed for a real estate property specialist will help propel one's career, create long-term relationships, and quickly build new ones. The same happens to different professions if developing these skills are put into heart, but being a property specialist poses more importance due to handling high-value investments and clients. A real estate developer invests millions in hiring the best property specialists to handle the brand and services carefully to ensure the company's reputation is taken care of as the professionals conduct their deals and handle their businesses.

Registered with the Professional Regulation Commission

Yes, you read this right. To be a Real Estate Property Specialist, one must be connected to a developer with a Registered Real Estate Broker. Under a broker's license, a specialist must be trained to know the rules of being a Real Estate Salesperson. A broker has a maximum number of salespeople to handle. This way, accountability and quality of training and practice are traceable and manageable.

The Philippines has recently imposed that a broker must have a Bachelor's degree in Real Estate Management, while real estate salespeople must be college graduates.

Social Media Management

Surely, one can capitalize on the warm market, which includes family, friends, relatives, and colleagues, but if that network runs out of people who are interested in investing in a condominium unit, here comes the cold market. It includes strangers who are active on social media, are interested in real estate properties, are specifically drawn to the condo lifestyle, and are actively ready to make the purchase. It takes great skill to target the right audience, let alone engage with people who can afford such high-value investments.

Video or Photo editing

If a salesperson is still starting out, hiring skilled professionals who can create marketing materials might be so costly, so it's a must to still explore the use of photo and video editing programs or apps to lessen operational costs.

Content writing

Content is still king. Investors need the essential details of a property if they are to invest in it. So, writing detailed content that would help potential investors see that your knowledge in real estate is vast would help make sure that they feel more at ease in connecting with you instead of other salespeople.

 On the other hand, some soft skills would help propel a Real Estate Property Specialist's career.


These professionals talk about numbers all the time. The product knowledge must be at its finest because any discrepancy with the deals during closing and property turnover might be the reason a customer becomes dissatisfied with, or worse, the reason to sever relationships with the agent. Thoroughness includes the need for product knowledge so that it's easier for one to answer even the most challenging questions. A property specialist should be balanced with good social skills and can communicate well with clients and sales representatives. A real estate agent can help you as an investor with financial and lifestyle goals and with your property needs. They are the ones who will take over your business needs and provide reliable, professional, and knowledgeable assistance. The trait of being thorough might tarnish a specialist's reputation.


A real estate agent should have one's best interests in mind. It's important to work with someone an investor feels comfortable working with, who is friendly, honest, and makes one feel valued as a client. Say one is looking for a condo as an investment where due diligence is required, an agent must also have the initiative to disclose the risks and foreseen processes that the client might find challenging in the future—this shows that the agent cares more than just selling. Imagine if the specialist is so good at convincing investors to the point that essential points are overlooked. Important questions weren't asked because, before the sale, some investors still do not know what they don't know. So, sometimes, they don't ask so many questions. A property must understand that they are professionally accountable for disclosing risks and essential points of conversations instead of just highlighting the benefits. Investors would ask questions, but one will never be sure how thorough investors are. Sometimes, agents only show the best sides of the deal, leaving the investors feeling defrauded once expectations fall far shorter than the inspiring pitches.

Proven credibility

Integrity goes a long way. Remember, one of the most solid forms of marketing is "word of mouth." Most rich people have their own guilds, and sometimes, it becomes unbelievably small; once one's integrity is questioned, the right network might move far from a specialist's grasp. If a specialist is focused on building credibility, the process might be a little more tedious and slower, but it pays a lot in the long run.

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