Condo Design Ideas and Tricks That Will Truly Maximize Your Space

Nov 22, 2021

When you live in a small condo unit, fitting in everything you need is quite difficult. Trying to fit everything and making it look seamless is an even bigger challenge, but that's what makes condo design fun - when you are able to come up with space solutions that help maximize your space without any fuss. 

To help you with your small space concern, we have listed some condo design ideas that will make it feel so much larger while maintaining style.

Incorporate high-shine materials

As many designers suggest, opting for white lacquered walls and glossy tiles is best for a small space like a condo unit. High-shine materials are said to be reflective and will generate the same maximizing effect as the mirror, which bounces light and makes for an airer space.

Be resourceful

When your space is limited and you don't want to shop for new, bulky furniture, try to be resourceful and think of ways you can make the furniture pieces multi-functional. 

You can use a chair as a side table and install wall sconces to save surface space. Try using a cheerful color that will surely set a happy mood in a tiny unit.

Express yourself 

Be creative and personal. If you have a limited space for extras and less room to pile in all your favorite items, you'll need (and want) to beautify everything. Why not consider turning an old furniture or appliance into a design opportunity by dressing it up? What do you think of this?

Mount your TV

A TV rack or media console is the biggest space waster in a small condo unit. So, why not mount your TV on the wall to save the necessary floor space?

Do double duty

Having furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes are key! Look for a table that can function as a desk and dining table, find a sofa that can double as a guest bed, or buy cubes that serve as a coffee table and extra seats. 

Use mirrors

This is one of the most popular tips if you want to make your space look bigger. Mirrors are known to make your space feel larger, lighter, and airier. And a fun convex can add a lot of personality without taking up a ton of space.

Make every piece count

Since you have limited space, choose furnishings that offer maximum functionality in minimal square footage. For example, instead of an end bench, choose a desk with a small side chair. You can use it in several ways, for work, getting ready, and more.

Keep it neutral

A calm, even-toned room fools the eye into thinking they're more spacious than they are. So for your condo unit, make sure to keep it neutral but make sure to add a variety of textures to keep the space from falling flat.

Convert a closet

Designers recommend using smart storage solutions to make small living spaces more functional.

Customize storage

Think bespoke built-ins, storage nooks, and furniture tailored to your exact needs. These can utilize every available space in your condo. When storage is part of the walls, you don't lose as much valuable square footage. Consider having extra storage under a bench. It’s helpful too. 

Get a wall desk

Think you have no room for an office? Think again. A mounted wall desk can take up less room and you can even mount shelves above it for even more storage space. Try transforming an unused corner by installing a wall-mounted desk.

Use strategic seating

Opt for extra seating that can fold up and be super compact so you can store it away while the guests aren't over. 

Think vertical

Have you considered maximizing the often “under-utilized” space between the tops of furniture and your condo unit’s ceiling with hanging or high-mounted elements? Try having bookcases and cabinets all the way up to make your living space feel higher.

Forego bulky pieces

One thing that you should avoid in small living spaces is the use of larger furniture pieces with a lot of drawers and cabinets so your unit will not end up looking oversized and awkward. 

Incorporate good lighting

As most designers say, good lighting will make or break any room, big or small. So, make sure to especially install good lighting in smaller, living spaces like a condo unit with a tiny window.

Use bigger but fewer furnishings

It may seem counterintuitive, but outfitting a small space with just a few large-scale pieces can actually make it feel grander. Remember to resist the urge to push all of your furniture up against the walls. If you create space behind the furniture, it makes the room look wider than it is.

There are a lot of ways you can maximize your condo space. Always remember, there’s no limit to beautifying your own space. You just have to be creative!

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