Condo Living: Budget-friendly Food Stalls

Dec 20, 2021

Food stalls at the mall, in office buildings, and at railway stations are a no-brainer: they provide a quick fix for hunger. Food stalls sell anything from flavored French fries to milk teas to the well-loved Pinoy kakanin, all for a low price.

Stalls have been in use in the Philippines since the 1980s, with the first stalls having wheels to resemble a carriage on wheels that could be pushed to the desired location. A food stall is a type of stall used to sell ready-to-eat foods, typically specializing in cuisine from a specific country or region. Most stalls operate on a walk-in basis and do not require the patron to make any selections. 

A food stall is a place where people can buy their favorite foods or snacks for them to eat later at a condo in Manila. These types of places can be found anywhere - in malls, offices, and even public places like parks and streets. Some of these places are also known for their specialty dishes that you might want to try out while visiting!

With so many food stalls around every corner in the Philippines, Vista Residences is here to guide you on the best and most affordable food stalls that you’ll love while enjoying the condo living experience. 

What is a food stall? 

One of the most common questions people ask is “what are food stalls?”. This question often arises when someone hears about the concept of condo living. There are many different types of food stalls and they vary in the kind of food they sell and the location where they are located.

Food stalls have been around for a long time and have changed over time as well. They have evolved from selling just a single type of dish (mostly local) to selling a wide variety of dishes, from barbeque to seafood, from traditional to fusion cuisine!

Food stalls are found all over the city, especially in busy condo living areas. They are easy to spot as they often have colorful signage and lots of people waiting outside. People usually find food stalls while walking through the city and they can be a good option for finding some budget-friendly food when you’re on a tight budget or don’t want to spend much time cooking.

Budget-friendly Food Stalls Near your Condo


Kingcorn stalls, which have been open since 1992, sell both corn on the cob (starting at P22) and shredded corn kernels seasoned with salt, butter, and optional cheese powder (P28). Simple treats that continue to appeal to corn-obsessed Filipinos, Kingcorn now offers popcorn in their carts all throughout Manila. So if you live at a condo in Manila, it’ll be easy for you to see a Kingcorn food stall.

The Kingcorn food stall is thriving in the Philippines thanks to its popularity and consistent response from customers. They are now expanding their services into several other countries.

Plato Wraps

Plato Wraps is a Filipino food stall in the Philippines. They are known for their variety of wraps and salads. Their market is flourishing with customers coming back to enjoy the taste of their dishes after they see that they have been listed in the Top 50 restaurants on Zomato Philippines.

They serve fresh and healthy wraps with vegetables and meat at an affordable price. Their dishes are made with natural ingredients like vegetables, chicken, and other meats that come from organic farms. Plato Wraps started out as a food stall at Intramuros in Manila, but now, they have expanded to other locations outside the city center like Greenbelt 3 and Glorietta 1-3.

Waffle Time

Waffle Time is the best place to get some late-night eats while condo living, no matter how much you have had. It was established in 2010 and has been selling waffles and crepes since then. These waffles are always made with fresh ingredients because they have to be cooked fast.

Waffle Time reinvents the classic waffle snack by adding pineapple, Swiss chocolate, Bavarian cream, tuna salad, and bacon to the mix. You shouldn't expect gourmet meals at P10 to P18 per piece. For those looking for a quick and cheap snack on their way to work or home, the American Hotdog (P15), Cheese Delite (P12), and German Cheese Franks (P18) are popular options.

As of this date, Waffle Time had received between 500 and 1000 orders per day from these condos. This helped them get some extra business which is much needed for the food stall.


The Philippines is known for its delicious and affordable food, which is why the Bibingkinitan food stall has been such a success.

Bibingkinitan delivers moist, fluffy mini-bibingka (P20 each) made in a clay pot with butter. They also provide a merienda combo of rice cake and barako coffee for P50, as well as six-piece boxed sets that you can take home (P120 for 6 pieces).

Bibingkinitan is a fusion of two words: "bibingka" which means rice cake, and "tinan" which means to fry something on an iron plate. This dish was created by a Chinese cook who immigrated to the Philippines during colonial times. The bibingkinitan food stalls are mainly found in the Philippines and can be found in most provincial cities, like Sorsogon, Masbate, and Catarman.

Potato Corner

Potato Corner has been serving locally flavored French fries since 1992. The thick potatoes are deep-fried on the spot and topped with cheese, barbeque sauce, or sour cream. Potato Corner, which is proudly halal-certified, has now released additional sizes to satisfy a wider spectrum of French fry cravings: Jumbo Fries for P68, Mega Fries for P95, and Giga Fries for P149. You can also order the Trio (P70), which includes all three varieties as well as P35 worth of browns in each dish.

The Potato Corner food stalls located in many condo living communities in Makati Metro Manila are a popular spot for the residents to get their fried potatoes. And who wouldn’t agree? French fries are delicious!

Siomai House

Siomai is a type of stuffed noodle dish that is traditionally made from wheat flour and flavored with shrimp, pork, vegetables, and spices. The dish originated from the Chinese province of Fujian and was later introduced to the Philippines where it became popular.

The order includes four large pieces of pork and shrimp siomai, lavishly sprinkled with chili garlic bits, and is perhaps the best-tasting "food cart siomai." Siomai House's dimsum is cooked to perfection and a good bargain for P25. For only P10, they also provide ice-cold gulaman.

Food Stalls as Your Go-to Budget-friendly Food Option

Food stalls are an interesting topic to discuss because they have been at the center of social and economic change in countries like the Philippines. Traditionally, food stalls were the place that people went to when they could not afford to cook at home. 

However, with a massive rise in condo living, people now find themselves with less space and more time on their hands. That’s why food stalls provide budget-friendly food for people in need. This allows for a more diverse community to be created where many cultures can be represented.

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