Condo Tips: Guide for Hosting a Housewarming Party

Oct 05, 2021

One of the best moments in the world is finally having your dream house or dream condo; and the best way to celebrate this momentous occasion is to conduct a housewarming party.

A housewarming party is a celebration that is traditionally held right after moving into a new residence. It is a party for the hosts to present their new home or condo to their family and friends. In the Philippines, this occasion is regarded as a house blessing and it is often celebrated as a thanksgiving for a new home. The owner gets their newly-constructed house or a newly-renovated condo unit blessed by a priest or a pastor to baptize the grounds and make it an establishment that houses good spirits, prosperity, and harmony. So whether you have your house built, or bought a ready for occupancy condo unit, it needs to be blessed and celebrated. 

Now that you are all moved in and have finished unpacking, decorating, and making your house or condo warm and homey, the only thing left for you to do is conduct a housewarming party! Don’t worry if you are still unsure of how to start planning, this article will guide you in throwing an epic party that you and your family and friends will not forget! 

Prep your Home

First thing that you need in a housewarming party is to prep your home! Of course, you have to make sure that your house or condo is ready to be shown and that you feel good and proud of it. This means that all the boxes that came from moving in should be eradicated, the furniture should be in their proper and designated places, and the whole place should be neat and clean. You would not want your guests to see your new condo or house a disaster, right? Thus, you really need to spend time in prepping your home to look at its best before having the housewarming party. 

Schedule the Date 

Moving in consumes a lot of time and energy; that is why you should not plan your housewarming party too early. You don’t want to have the party right away and have it cancelled because you are not fully settled in yet. In scheduling the date, you have to consider the availability of your guests. Weekdays are off the table because most people work during those days. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are ideal because these are weekends and people are not as busy then. With regards to the time, it depends on your convenience as the host on what time your guests should be arriving. 

Invite your Guests 

After scheduling a perfect date and time, you should now invite people to come to your house or condo. Afterall, a housewarming party would not be a party if there are no guests. Make a list of the people you want to invite such as your family and friends. You have to make sure that your neighbors are also included on the list because inviting them to your party is essential in building a solid and trustworthy relationship. 

Serve Food and Drinks 

As a host of the party, it is important for you to prepare food and drinks for everyone. A celebration would not be complete if the food and drinks are missing. Serve food and drinks that reflect on the time you will be having your housewarming party. If you plan on conducting the house blessing in the morning, a brunch sounds good! If your party is in the afternoon, you should consider preparing merienda for your guests; and if it is an evening party, anything with wine is perfect. 

Add Embellishments 

Part of prepping your house or condo is adding embellishments to your housewarming party. This is for your place to look presentable to your guests. However, you should not overdo it by decorating a lot of party materials. You do not want your party decorations to outshine your overall home or condo design. Skip putting balloons, confettis, and banners; instead, place beautiful flowers and scented candles to add extra ambiance. You just have to make sure that these embellishments match your home or condo design. 

Determine Specific Areas 

With so many guests arriving and people entering your house or condo during a housewarming party, people might be confused as to where to settle. That is why it is important to determine specific areas for your guests, especially if you have a condo unit which is relatively smaller compared to houses. In order for you to do this, you must designate a wide space for your guests to lounge, sit comfortably, and talk with each other. Next is you must separate the food and drinks area to the lounge area to avoid overcrowding. To maximize the space, it is also recommended to extend the party to your garden if you live in a house or to your balcony for condo living people. Using your indoor and outdoor areas will make your guests have more space to gather and socialize. 

Conduct a House Tour 

Since this is a housewarming party, touring your guests to the whole house or condo is necessary. This is a major attraction to your house and an activity for you and guests to do while having the party. In touring a house or a condo, it is essential to show every space to your guests, from the living room, bedrooms, to the dining room, kitchen, and even bathrooms. While doing the tour, discuss the renovation process, the furniture, the overall house or condo design, and the struggles you went through before the final touches. 

Have Fun

Housewarming party is not just for your guests to have a joyful time, but of course for you as well. It is your housewarming party after all so you should be celebrating, and not stressing! Your stressful days of finding a new place, moving in, renovating, and settling in are finally over; thus, you deserve that glass of wine or champagne and enjoy the one of the best moments of having a house or a condo. 

These are just some of the guides you need to know for hosting a housewarming party. Make sure that the party reflects your personality. Everything from the activities and the designs to the food and drinks you serve should manifest who you are and what you enjoy as a person. Conducting a housewarming party does not only celebrate your house or condo unit, it also commemorates your struggles and hardships in building your home. 

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