Condo Tips: Online Caroling vs Traditional Caroling

Dec 06, 2021

Christmas Day is a few weeks away, and we can’t get enough of thinking about how to improve your holidays this year, with emphasis on maximum enjoyment and the best safety precautions to ensure that we are free from any accidents or mishaps that we might encounter. One such popular tradition amongst Filipino people is ‘pangangaroling’. It’s the season of giving, no matter how good your singing voice or skill in playing instruments - it doesn’t matter (for the most part) as long as you have the Christmas spirit in you. But what is the best method that suits your style and current situation? Read on to know more about these two types of Christmas caroling.

Traditional Caroling

The OG method of practicing caroling is still going strong this new decade. The choice of buskers and children alike. Traditional caroling isn’t just exclusive for the youngsters with their tambourine made of balloon rubber and other improvised instruments, now adults in groups of 3 or 4 scour entire villages and cities to serenade us with their sweet, sweet music wizardry that we can’t help but refrain from hiding and give them money because they are that good.


(But first! Be sure to practice safe hygiene such as wearing a face mask and using hand sanitizer or alcohol frequently, and also keep a distance to be safe at all times.)

We listed five advantages of choosing traditional caroling that will surely help you decide if you will choose it or not:

  1. You can go caroling to houses, condos, and villages personally, that alone has a certain magic to it that only traditional caroling can provide. Depending on your performance, people will give you more or less -- but that’s better than nothing. And if there’s none to be given, we know they are rooting for you.
  2. You can assemble a group of people, friends, or professionals alike to help you carol with quality. People in return will not only appreciate your group’s performance, but they can also give way more if you give them an encore with their music/dance requests.
  3. Although caroling is synonymous with song and dance numbers, you can do anything you like as long as you are enjoying it. Plus factor if you can make it Christmas-themed.
  4. You (or your fellow caroling buddies) can also set up your designated place, preferably a location with a lot of people, and then start your caroling session there.
  5. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience which you will treasure for years to come and can also improve your communication skills, talent and so much more.


With every advantage, there are always disadvantages to be discovered. We also listed five reasons so you can think more before considering them.

  1. Of course, you are dealing with all types of people personally when you are caroling, some people will be not as nice as others, and you should know that it’s part of the experience. Thank everyone, even though they didn’t give you any, thank them for letting you perform on their residences.
  2. Not all places can be entered, some locations prohibit carolers, so learn what places in your vicinity welcome traditional carolers. That doesn’t mean that they dislike you there, it’s just a matter of security on their part.
  3. Also, not all places are filled with hospitable people who will let you or your group sing your carols, you should learn what places to avoid and what time it should be avoided to be safe. It is advisable to carol in the morning or the afternoon instead of nighttime.
  4. Traditional caroling can be tiring, as you’ll cruise from house to house, mostly by walking. It is advised to have your vehicle such as a bicycle or any vehicle if you’re in a group for faster transportation.
  5. Of course, your earnings might differ depending on the day. Some days you worked hard with the little outcome and vice versa, you should learn to enjoy what are you doing at the end of the day.

Online Caroling

Online caroling received a massive boost in popularity in the last two years due to the worldwide pandemic as well as the advantages it offers. Now, all you need is a following and you can carol at the comfort of your own condo home. 


  1. You can be more creative with your caroling approach, you can set up elaborate shows, live stream games, dance with your guests, or just chill out as your caroling method.
  2. You can do this at any location, but most people are doing it inside their condo, designing their place to make it more presentable and Christmas-y. That’s A for extra effort and that may bring up an extra audience than usual.
  3. You can directly interact with your audience more than in traditional caroling, people are more open to themselves online, and that way you can deeply connect with your audience more and know what they want, and then you can give them a great performance!
  4. You can set your own time and date.
  5. Your caroling can be watched around the world, and that’s a huge plus!


Yes, we know, online caroling has its share of disadvantages as well, we feel that you should know it too.

  1. The obvious part: the internet connection. Without any access to the internet or steady connectivity, your online caroling plans can be postponed or experience interruption which can be annoying for your audience.
  2. While many people have their online method to share money, not everyone has it, so that’s another disadvantage.
  3. Be careful of sharing your personal information online, as it can be used in not-so-ideal things that can put your security in jeopardy. Be sure to use safe and proven platforms to host your online caroling session.
  4. The audience, finding the right audience is kind of difficult in this internet age unless you have some defining quality that can make you the next big thing.
  5. Networking, promotional material, some simple marketing tactics should be learned to help people to know about your show and watch and participate to your online caroling event. 

Well, that’s it! We hope you’ll find your preferred way of caroling. Be sure to enjoy every moment, be polite to every people and remember: it’s not the earnings that make up your caroling great, it’s the experience that matters.

And what better way to come home or rest in your bed in a beautiful condo with nice Christmas tree after a day of caroling? 

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