Condo Tips: Safest Place to Go in the Philippines this Post-Covid

Nov 22, 2021

A safe place is not just a physical location like a home or a condo living, it is also the emotions you feel when you are in that space. It feels like it can protect you, but also help you heal. You can be vulnerable in a safe place without fear of judgment or violence. It is important to create places where people feel safe so they can heal and rebuild their lives. Now that people are amid a pandemic that brought many restrictions especially in traveling, many would look forward to traveling again and visiting the safest places they can go to post-pandemic.

As the "new normal" begins to take hold, various places across the country have begun to reopen their borders and attractions. Here is a list of some of the safest places in the Philippines for domestic tourists to visit. 


Boracay Island, of course, is one of the most famous and award-winning in the world, and a must-see for anybody visiting the Philippines. When you step foot on this island paradise, you will be greeted by powder-fine white beaches, beautiful turquoise waters, and warm and welcome sun. A good number of hotels, restaurants and other tourism establishments are now ready to welcome guests eager to enjoy the slow and breezy island life, following extensive restoration efforts that began in 2018 and extended until 2020 on the island. Traveling here will also go a great way toward supporting the island's residents, which rely largely on the island's tourism economy. You can buy handcrafted keychains and home decorations for a condo design. In addition to its activities and amenities, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has given Boracay the Safe Travels Stamp in honor of its adherence to "health and hygiene global standardized practices" that will assure safe travel during the COVID-19 epidemic. SafeTravels is the worldwide organization's seal of approval that certifies conformity with its global health standards, allowing for safe travel.


Palawan is an archipelagic province known for tourist spots such as El Nido and Coron. It is frequently ranked as one of the world's best islands each year. While storms can still occur between June and October, Palawan sees less powerful typhoons than other parts of the Philippines. There are no active fault lines in the province, making it less prone to earthquakes. All the more reason to return to this tropical paradise. The Philippines is one of the world's most vulnerable countries to climate change's consequences, from major typhoons to earthquakes, as evidenced by the disastrous effects of Typhoon Goni and Typhoon Vamco. Environmental deterioration, increasing sea levels, and unplanned urbanization continue to pose a serious threat to the safety of many Philippine regions. We owe it to each other now more than ever to be responsible travelers and do our share to ensure that the beauty of our islands is protected and preserved. There are hotels, transient houses, and ready for occupancy condo properties where you can spend the night.


Come to Bacolod, the capital city of the province of Negros Occidental – often known as the sugar capital of the Philippines – if you want a taste of "the sweet life." In Bacolod, cosmopolitan preferences mingle with the rustic living, making it ideal for those seeking a slower, more relaxed pace. Stay at Casa Gamboa, take photos of The Ruins, and visit the Bacolod Art District to see visual art exhibits before settling down to eat traditional Visayan cuisine from Emma Lacson's House, Ann Co Cakes, and El Ideal Bakery. Negros Occidental is renowned as the Philippines' organic farm capital, with haciendas such as FreshStart Organic Farm, Pealosa Farms, and Rapha Valley Place of Wellness serving as sustainable agri-tourism destinations. Even though they preserve their history, there are still modern hotels you can stay in just like the high-class condo in Manila.


Despite common opinion, this beautiful island has much to offer non-surfers as well. With its lagoons, caverns, waterfalls, mangroves, lakes, and acres of tropical coconut palms, Siargao is a paradise for nature enthusiasts.


The diving locations of Anilao near Mabini, Batangas, are popular with tourists looking for a change of scenery from their typical stay-at-home routine. Because the best diving season is from November to May, adventurers from all over the world have a large window to dive into an incredible under-the-sea adventure. The diving sites in Anilao are also well-known marine conservation zones, with extensive efforts made to safeguard the reefs and ecology, as well as the residents' livelihoods like home decorations for your condo living. When the world reopens, new and previously renowned attractions across the country will be available for visitors from all over the world to come to see what makes the Philippines such a fun and memorable tourist destination.


Coron, a tropical paradise that is part of the country's Last Frontier, Palawan, is equal parts idyllic and adventure-filled. Imagine some of the country's cleanest lakes, glistening lagoons, and pockets of white sand beaches surrounded by towering limestone cliffs. That's not all: several World War II shipwrecks lie beneath Coron's glass-like seas, making it one of the top wreck diving destinations in the world.

Baguio and Benguet

Baguio, also known as "The City of Pines," is a chartered city about a four- to six-hour journey from Manila. Baguio has always been a welcome haven for Filipinos seeking a vacation from the heat, thanks to its pine trees and mild temperature. With attractions such as the Mirador retreat house, bamboo groove, weather station, labyrinth, torii gate, and outdoor café overlooking the city with stunning sunsets, the Mirador Jesuit Villa in Baguio City offers an enriching eco, historical, and spiritual trip. The Bencab Museum, which breaths with creative inspiration from some of National Artist for Visual Arts Ben Cabrera's masterpieces, is also one of Baguio's most popular go-to destinations. If you are wondering where to spend the night, you can check different hotel booking sites that offer various hotels, transients, and even a ready for occupancy condo.

Meanwhile, in the province of Benguet, the Winaca Eco Cultural Village is a well-known sustainable tourism site that provides visitors with a visual 101 on the history and culture of the indigenous Igorot people while simultaneously supporting their livelihood. Eco- and agri-tourism places such as Armando's Lemon Farm and Polig Berry Farm are also emerging in the Benguet area. Guests may bond with nature by experiencing its abundant wealth firsthand with activities such as lemon and strawberry picking. These eco-tourism sites contribute to the preservation of the picturesque mountain city's environmental and agricultural treasures. Baguio has also been awarded the WTTC Safe Travels Stamp, ensuring the safety and security of visitors to the city once tourism reopens. 

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