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Live a Hassle-free Condo Life with Vista Pointe

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Having a place to stay near one’s university is one of the biggest advantages of having a perfect school life. The place where one can stay during long breaks, no rush hour rides or commutes to or from school, and the place to easily relax in after that last class.

If you are pursuing your dream careers in the bustling city of Quezon City, then getting a condo in Katipunan will be a great decision to make. You can escape from all the hassles with Vista Pointe by Vista Residences.

Vista Residences condominium properties are strategically located within inner-city areas, near developed business districts and prestigious universities. One of which is Vista Pointe. It is the second condominium project by Vista Residences in Katipunan.

This pre-selling condo in Katipunan is 37-storey tall, with commercial, parking, amenity, and residential floors. Like all the Vista Residences condos, Coffee Project and AllDay will be present to cater to the needs of the residents.

Vista Pointe is strategically located at 329 Katipunan Avenue cor. B. Gonzales, Quezon City, which can be said to be at the center of Katipunan Avenue. It is right across the street from Ateneo De Manila University and Miriam College, and a few minutes away from the University of the Philippines – Diliman. With that being said, early call times for school classes would not be a problem for the ones who are studying around thesenearby universities.

Most people might think that owning a condo is a big expense, but with how most of the units in Vista Pointe are set up for students, one can opt to have roommates. Vista Pointe has dorm-type units - from 1 bunk bed type unit that can hold up to two people or 2 bunk bed type units that can hold up to 4 people and still have space. Having roommates is a great way to split the cost of expenses and also have a great company. So you can invite your friends to be your roommates or get a chance to meet new people by looking for those that need a place.

Having a condo in Vista Pointe allows you to have access to all the amenities within the building.

Study Hall

As Vista Pointe is part of Vista Residences’ University series, most of its amenities are catered and designed for students. The study hall is a space where students or young professionals can connect online and get their work done with the ambiance and peacefulness of an actual library. One can also complete their group projects there, but just respectfully keep others in mind.

Lounge Area

The lounge area is open to all its residents and is another place to chill out and relax after a busy day, aside from your unit. The difference between the lounge area and your unit is that you could meet and be friends with other residents in the building. You could also hang out by yourself surfing the internet, playing games, or reading a book just enjoying your “me” time.

Fitness and Wellness Gym

If you are looking to get in shape or just stay fit and active, Vista Pointe has its fitness and wellness gym to help. Loaded with equipment like the treadmill, dumbbells, benches, and smith machines so you can work on your cardio and strength training. The gym is right there to help you be in tip-top shape.

Sky Garden and Pool Area

Vista Pointe has an open Sky Garden and pool area where the residents can take a dip in the pool and bask in the sunshine or just enjoy the open air and meet up with friends. This area is also perfect for students that need to do projects that involve taking photos and shooting videos, great for those golden hours or sunset shots.


With Vista Pointe, you will not have to worry about thesecurity of the building. Vista Pointe has a guarded lobby and an attended front desk. All residents are required to tap in before entering the residential area and all guests will be checked by the front desk and be confirmed by the resident if they were invited before entering. There is 24-hour security for the building so all residents could feel safe and secured.


One of the most important things a university student or a young professional needs is caffeine, it gives them that needed boost to get them through the day. All Vista Residences’ projects always have an incorporated Coffee Project into the building, and Vista Pointe is no exception. You’ll have easy access to resto café if you need that extra vibe of working or studying with a cup of coffee with you because it does feel different. You can also invite your friends for a quick bite and catch up. It also has AllDay for all your everyday necessities such as foods, drinks, even toiletries, and the likes.

Is it the best time to invest in a condo?

You might be thinking, “Why buy a condo right now? All schools are being transferred online right now and the students can just stay at home.” This is true and indeed relevant these days. Since the lockdown due to COVID – 19, all schools have been closed for more than a year now and are conducting their lessons online. So what is the point of having a condo if you do not even get to go on campus?

But this year, the Philippines has been rolling out vaccines to help fight against COVID – 19, and with the vaccine, the time where everyone could freely go outside again won’t be a distant dream anymore. Although it is not fully guaranteed yet, it is guaranteed that most countries are fighting the virus and prioritizing to roll-out vaccinations when available.

That is why buying a condo is a good investment right now, as the situation slowly goes back to normal you will be investing while the market is still low. When everything does go back to normal, so will the market, you will see considerable growth in their value appreciation of having invested in a condominium.

If you are looking for the best property to invest in, check out the condominium properties of Vista Residences. It offers pre selling condo and ready for occupancy condo around the metro cities in the country. It has a complete set of amenities perfect for the ones who are looking for a place to de-stress from the busy corporate life.

For more information on Vista Residences, email [email protected], follow @VistaResidencesOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, or call the Marketing Office at 0999 886 4262 / 0917 582 5167.