Exploring the Gem of Vista Residences in Katipunan

Jul 22, 2022

What qualities must a location possess to qualify as an excellent place to call home? A decent school district? Low rate of crime? Affordable housing? All of these criteria, as well as your ideas of what constitutes an excellent area to settle down, are acceptable.

Numerous locations in the Philippines are excellent for residents due to the country's wealth in natural resources, diverse culture, and amiable populace. So it makes sense that choosing where to settle can be difficult for you. You might think of Pasig City, with its initiatives to encourage eco-friendly living. There is also Makati, which, thanks to its Central Business District, puts hundreds of employment options within your reach.

How about considering Quezon City? Specifically in Katipunan?

One of the busiest highways in the metro, Commonwealth Avenue, is connected to the city's major thoroughfares by Katipunan Avenue, a 9-lane section of the lengthy circumferential route C-5. Vehicles can also reach Aurora Boulevard from Katipunan Avenue, which serves as a gateway to Marikina City and the province of Rizal. Without even mentioning its proximity to Eastwood City, Katipunan is inevitably used by commuters and vehicles to travel to numerous metro locations.

Indeed, Katipunan Avenue provides developers and investors with appealing options. This location has nothing but success and sustainability to offer, whether it be a high-rise office building with a retail component or a competitive urban residential development. Why not get going right away and seize the moment?

What's in store for you in Katipunan?

Katipunan Avenue, a significant avenue in Quezon City, is named after the revolutionary organization KKK, or Kataas-taasang, Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan. Other significant thoroughfares, such as White Plains Avenue and Tandang Sora Avenue, intersect in Katipunan.

There are many various establishments along this long stretch of road, including subdivisions and reasonably priced condos in Katipunan, as well as schools, office buildings, and most other types of structures in between.

Land prices in Katipunan have increased by 8 to 10% over the past ten years, making it a sought-after location for quality real estate in the Philippines. The demand for residential, retail, and lifestyle developments in the area has been credited for this rise in land value.

The Katipunan neighborhood has developed through time into a center for an urban lifestyle. On school days, you may expect to see plenty of students in the bookstores, restaurants, and coffee shops. Weekends bring about a variety of activities, including friends getting together to watch a movie, families going to the store, and couples having dinner at several Malls in Katipunan. Side streets like Esteban Abada are also thriving with delightful eateries serving delicious food and coffee that many long-time residents and former students have come to love and refer to as home over the years.

Vista Residences as your Home in Katipunan

Thinking of where to reside? Projects of Vista Residences Katipunan offer a sweet convenience for every individual and family. Families with school-age children won't have any trouble locating excellent institutions of learning around Katipunan Avenue and the neighborhood. Katipunan Avenue provides access to prestigious colleges and universities like Miriam College, Ateneo de Manila University, and the University of the Philippines. Nearby elementary schools and high schools, both public and private, are also accessible.

Additionally, Katipunan Avenue itself is home to dozens of businesses, including retail stores, bookstores, escape rooms, and more. It is simpler to amuse yourself or the entire family in Katipunan due to its close proximity to these establishments.

Due to the numerous schools situated along Katipunan, the area is brimming with particular stores and service facilities that cater to the local families and students. There are lots of supermarkets, salons, vehicle repair businesses, laundry shops, as well as tailors, florists, and dentists in Katipunan. Additionally, a number of hospitals and health facilities are also nearby.

Several projects for Vista Residences Katipunan are on the rise and waiting for their rightful residents to check this out. 

Hawthorne Heights

Step to your dream California Living at Hawthorne Heights Katipunan. One of the pre-selling projects by Vista Residences on the busy Katipunan Avenue is Hawthorne Heights. It provides studio apartments between 19.50 and 21.00 square meters and one-bedroom apartments between 37.60 and 43.14 square meters that are ideal for families and college students. 

This pre-selling property is 41 stories tall that includes residential units, commercial units, parking units, and amenities. Hawthorne Heights Katipunan is also a condo near ADMU and other school establishments like Miriam College and UP Diliman. Hawthorne Heights Katipunan genuinely transforms condo life into a pleasurable, joyful setting where families and students can coexist. It serves as the ideal location where one may enjoy the ideal balance of comfort, convenience, and ease of condo living in the heart of everything.

Vista Pointe Katipunan

College students can choose from a very fascinating, cozy, and practical alternative at Vista Pointe Katipunan without risking their safety. This is also a condo near ADMU and Miriam College, an ideal location for students. For individuals who prefer to avoid the headaches of commuting, sharing cramped quarters in dorms, and other rental options, the area's serene university series ambiance is a great deal. 

Vista Pointe offers a 37-story floor comprising commercial, parking, residential, and office units. One of its best amenities is the Sky Garden, a perfect place to unwind inside your condominium. 

Vista 309 Katipunan

Vista 309 is a condo in Katipunan that offers a distinctive urban lifestyle characterized by a youthful attitude, vibrancy, and comfort thanks to its contemporary design and sophisticated amenities. It has a 30-floor story that includes residential units and amenities like the swimming pool, fitness gym, study area, and a lobby.

A fully urban student living experience is provided by Vista 309 Katipunan, which is only a short distance from schools and other nearby establishments. It perfectly matches the convenience-driven, always-on lifestyle. 

With new residential and commercial complexes constantly being created, Katipunan has established itself as a desirable site for developers, investors, and homebuyers. This continuously increases the value of the land. Without a doubt, this is the ideal time for anyone to invest in Vista Residences Katipunan, whether you are a student, a newlywed couple, or a family.

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