Filipino Superstitions Moving in Your New Condo

Sep 28, 2021

Filipinos have always been superstitious. Superstitions can have a significant impact on some of our decisions, big or small. We have superstitions for most aspects or events in our life– may it be weddings, funerals, birthdays, holidays, and even moving into a new home. Most Filipino households perform strange traditions such as flinging coins in all corners of the room as a manner of attracting success during New Year or eating noodles to lengthen one’s life. 

Filipinos pay great attention to bringing good luck to their new home when it comes to moving into a new condo or house. There is no danger in following such beliefs and it is entirely up to the house members whether or not one wants to believe and practice them. However, it is worth taking note of these superstitions still. 

Most Filipinos can be over-critical while moving to a new home or whenever Filipinos have a house blessing for their new home. It would be odd for a Filipino family to do the big move and dismiss these beliefs! The following are the most popular lipat-bahay superstitions:

Coins on New Home

This is inspired by the Chinese tradition when it comes to coins, luck, and wealth. When Filipinos move into a new home or condo, they distribute a large number of coins across the living room. They believe that by doing so, they will attract wealth and prosperity, and they make a point of throwing pennies inwards to every corner of the room as a representation of money entering the house. Some people may pick up all of the coins after the process, while others will leave them alone for a few days. 

Sprinkling of Salt

Salt isn’t just for cooking for Filipinos! Sprinkling salt in every room of a new home helps to ward off any evil spirits that may be there. Some people believe it's also a good technique to keep unwelcome visitors out of the house. This is also connected to the belief of Filipinos with aswangs and evil creatures. Rest assured salt wouldn’t disrupt your home and condo living anyway! 

Loaf and Broom

People who will be entering the new residence for the first time should bring a loaf of bread and a new broom with them as a sign of prosperity. Bringing the old broom from the previous home is also strongly discouraged. Be sure to bring these two items when doing the big move! 

Full with Rice

Add this superstition to the long list of superstitions related to food. Filipinos, like the bread-and-loaf superstition, bring a container full of rice with them when they move into a new home. Because rice is a staple food in the Philippines, the action implies that the inhabitants will never go hungry during their stay. It also represents bringing prosperity and wealth into the home for everyone who lives there.

Exit through the Entrance

The Irish custom inspired this superstition. It states that when people visit a new house for the first time, they should exit through the same entrance door. Failure to do so is thought to bring bad luck to the home.

No to Knives

Filipinos think that if they wish to keep their first guests at their new home as friends, they should not allow them to offer them knives or other sharp-edged things as a housewarming present. They believe that individuals who gift such items to the homeowner will soon become foes. Remind your friends to bring anything, but knives! 

When one is moving to a new property, keep in mind these superstitions! From home or condo design to the first few visitors in one’s space, it wouldn’t hurt to follow these. For those working on achieving their forever home, that dream is within one’s reach. 

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