Fire Safety Protocol this Fire Prevention Month

Mar 21, 2023

March is the fire prevention month---thus having the perfect time to fully raise awareness of fire incidents, fire safety, fire hazards, and fire protection. As with any prevention, one must know the importance of key elements that cater to one's safety in all possible scenarios.

Fires usually start with a careless mistake that can quickly be developed into a bigger situation; with that in mind, before anything else runs through something that could not be saved, kindly always double-check your big appliances or any disruption that may ultimately lead to fires.

Important Fire Prevention Tips to Remember

Here are some tips that shall give you a heads up; in any case, an unfortunate event is due. These simple precautions could ultimately save your life; thus, warning signs shall never be disregarded. Firstly, check Electrical Connections for Faulty Wiring. This is to prevent fires you cannot see with your naked eye. The wirings can often lead to short circuits and an easily spreadable fire. Secondly, Install smoke alarms as a precaution. Normally when fires are enveloped at night, humans tend not to be immediately aware of the given situation. with smoke alarms installed, one shall not worry about guaranteeing any spread of fire incidents. Third, check damaged sockets, just like the faulty wires; this, too, can ultimately be a cause of fire in your household, especially when left unattended. Fourth, aim for a safe location, especially when sleeping. Sleeping areas or any inside bedrooms should always be accessible for any home fire; thus, having a great room in your house that is easily accessible to a door can form a good fire escape plan. As with any house, cooking is essential, especially when living with a big family, and sometimes burning candles and food is a heavy occurrence. This connects to the next tip: check any open stove unattended, more importantly, when children are a part of your loving family. With that in mind, the next information is to disregard any highly flammable items, and easily combustible materials shall be out of reach of any children and somewhat older children. This is to ensure that those things that are flammable are not in any way may be used by children unattended that can fully conduct a fire at your home. One must also avoid electrical overloading, especially when you consistently use an extension cord and one power outage connected to multiple and heavy appliances; when left unattended, this can cause frayed wires. To ensure everyones' fire safety, always remember to test the smoke alarms installed and make sure it is a working smoke alarm. To learn your best fire escape plan, always have a fire extinguisher at reach in case a fire breaks. Kindly also know to maneuver a fire extinguisher effectively.

Test Smoke Alarms to avoid Fire incidents

The beauty of staying in any Vista Residences condominium is that safety is a top priority. All units are mandated to have smoke alarms. Thus, a regular test to ensure its effectiveness shall be mandated. When staying in an enclosed place, fire prevention is a given issue that is taken all seriously. The Vista Residences has strategically placed fire extinguishers to be accessible to all tenants of the building, thus making a safer and better living for all. If a fire has occurred, it is best not to panic in all aspects. Kindly locate the source of the fire and locate your nearest fire extinguisher to eradicate a bigger cause of the fire fully. Fully ensure that once you have gathered your fire extinguisher, everyone must learn the idea of how to fully and effectively use the fire extinguisher. Do not wait for any unfortunate event to secure a chance to learn to use it, as those times are highly critical. Vista Reseindeces ensures all safety measures are applied in all aspects of your living.

March is the month of fire prevention as this is the usual time wherein most hazardous fire in the country is derived from. Although March is the given prevention month, this shall not eradicate any preventions raised in any other month of the given year. All the prevention month is doing to fully raise any awareness that can give anyone to double check their safety. In any case, a break of fire is to happen. Fires are utterly deadly as they can spread and be toxic to all. Health is our most valuable wealth. Therefore, one must not attempt to cheap out any precautions that the space one is living in is in need of-kindly, expect all measures to follow to prevent any unwanted incidents like fire fully. These preventions are just the tip of the iceberg to saving a life. Ultimately, prevention is always better than inspection. These prevention tips are small things to follow to ensure everyone's safety; at the end of the day, these preventions shall cater to all. When a situation is in your vicinity, everyone would be affected too, so following these protocols and tips ensures you and everyone else around you. The simple sense of sight and smell can catch fire in time; these may not directly affect you but also everyone else living near your vicinity. When the smoke and burning smells are given, kindly do not hesitate to inform any of the assigned officials in your building. To fully ensure all requirements are within reach, guards and officials are usually roaming around to ensure the safety of all living tenants. With Vista Residences, it is not only in March that we ensure everyone's safety; we prioritize all and safety every day intended.

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