Holy Week Activities for Condo Residents

Mar 29, 2022

Holy Week is nearing, and given the current condition we are facing right now, we may still not be able to enjoy it as we have in the past. It is preferable to spend this solemn occasion at home, where there will be fewer people. Once it is safe to go out in public without social distance, traditional traditions such as participation in pilgrimages or Visita Iglesia can be resumed. 

Many of us might be asking, when is the start of the holy week? Holy week starts on April 10, 2022, and will end by April 16, 2022. Starting Maundy Thursday, offices in the Philippines either close or lessen their working hours and schedules until Black Saturday. Several local television and radio stations sign off or air films and programs related to the religious event being observed during these public holidays. Families usually prepare their plans ahead of time, and the majority of individuals choose to return home to their respective provinces to spend the long holiday with friends and family. Those who remain in the city use this time off to engage in soul-nourishing activities or just get their affairs in order, especially since it is a rather extended period of time off from work.

While this Holy Week 2022 is gradually building to be a busy week, numerous people who haven't made plans yet are still assessing their options for how to spend this weekday off at their homes and condominiums. We all know that life gets in the way from time to time. Work or school, other interests, and even our family obligations might prevent us from making the most of the week that should be set apart from the rest. It's not always our activity that keeps us from experiencing Holy Week, sometimes it's our tiredness. Perhaps we've worked so hard to sacrifice during Lent that we're done by Holy Week. 

The good news is that Holy Week 2022 can still be one of the most devout weeks of the year, even in these unexpected circumstances. 

While you're confined at home, here are some worthwhile activities to do during Holy Week;

Clutter-free your condo

Three days after Palm Sunday, according to tradition, are dedicated to a thorough cleaning of the home, which is celebrated in many nations around the world. All of the furniture is dusted outside and, if possible, left dirt-free. It's also a good idea to undertake a thorough cleaning of your apartment during Holy Week, just in time for family banquets or simple get-togethers.

Get yourself busy with arts and crafts

Long vacations are ideal for unleashing your inner artist. Why not make your own interior decorations instead of buying them? Make creative containers for your perfumed candles, or design your own summer clothing.  You don't have to spend money on materials that you don't need. Examine your drawer for ideas on how to transform these items into wonderful crafts. 

Work out and burn some calories

Getting into fitness activities is something that many individuals forget during their hectic workdays. Make the most of your condo privileges by exercising in the fitness center or you can perform stretching exercises on your own balcony or room. You can get exercise ideas by downloading internet fitness videos or using mobile apps. You can burn calories without ever leaving your condo.

Watch Movies and series

Although most theaters will be closed over Holy Week, if you're remaining at home or in your condo, it would be a nice idea to spend time with your entire family watching films that would improve your soul. This is a great time to finally watch those series and films you are unable to watch because of your busy schedule at work.

Experiment with new recipes

Get rid of the convenience store's instant noodles, canned beef, and microwaveable meals. Start making a grocery list for your home-cooked meals now that you'll be locked in your condo for days. To avoid the crowds, go to the market a few days before Holy Week. You can try out new recipes you find online. Look up Lent-appropriate dishes and add your personal touch to each of your family's meals.

Plan a project

Because of the indoor lifestyle amenities and proximity to schools and offices, condo living in the Philippines allows you to be productive. You're basically living comfortably while simultaneously advancing your job. Leisure time needs to be converted into planning time. Consider a project you've been putting off or one you've always wanted to start.

Meditate and spend some time alone

Life today can be demanding and overwhelming. There's so much to do, so much work to do, so much stress to deal with. Take the time to turn off all of the noise in your environment as well as in your thoughts. Spend meaningful time alone, away from social media and technology's constant demands. Recharge your batteries by meditating. Silence is a great place to find tranquility.

Attending Online Masses

Throughout the week, various online businesses organized live streaming and liturgy coverage. Although nothing compares to the solemnity of prayers spoken in church, a safe and comfortable house is an excellent place to sit and listen to the homily.

Holy Week starts upon us, the season brings in an important period of self-renewal for us. Throughout the week, we celebrate Christ's Passion in a variety of ways. Lent is about more than just following the traditions, it's also about spending some time to reflect and give ourselves some time to encounter peace and serenity. Consider this, how frequently do we get the opportunity to reflect on ourselves? This is an opportunity for us to talk to God about ourselves. Even at home, in our own space, in this coming holy week, we can communicate and reconcile with God, as well as reflect on our actions, through sacrament and prayers. Is a time for forgiveness as well as acceptance of our flaws and mistakes, as well as forgiving of all those who have wronged us.

These lists are just a few of the things you can practice at home to keep your family involved in the week-long commemoration of holy week. Instead of wishing for costly trips during this melancholy season, be grateful for the ability to stay safe and warm in your own house. It's a true blessing to have a place to gather with your family during these trying times.

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