Condo Guide This Holiday Season

Sep 18, 2020

The holiday season is fast approaching which means (intimate) get-togethers, huge Christmas trees, colourful street lights, pre-holiday sale and exclusive treats!  

In the Philippines, September has always been the unofficial start of the Christmas season or the so-called “Ber months”.  And as the much-awaited holiday season kicks off during this month, people are already anticipating Christmas songs playing in the radio and in malls, Christmas trees being set up at home, Christmas get-togethers being planned by family and friends, special holiday promos being offered in almost all stores and countdown signalling early Christmas planning. 

Filipinos, indeed, celebrate the holiday season the longest because we don’t want happy moments to end; we look forward to family gatherings and reunions to make up for the lost time and we are just merely fond of celebrations.  

However, given our situation now, will the pandemic take out the merry out of Christmas? It all depends on us. It might all be different this year but it is up to us on how we will re-purpose and re-plan our lives as the last quarter of the year begins to set in. 

One thing’s for sure, that we will definitely keep on adapting to the New Normal and that our holiday traditions will continue, however we make them.  

And as a way of welcoming a brand new season and anticipating the joys of the holidays, Vista Residences, the condominium development arm of the country’s largest homebuilder Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. gives us a quick guide on how to have a holiday full of hope, joy, love and investment. After all, Christmas season is not just a season of spending but a good opportunity to be a season of investing.  

Christmas season is the season of merriment and giving but it can also be a reason for draining our finances if our spending is left unchecked. It has always been a tradition among us to buy gifts for our loved ones, co-workers and friends which can eventually hurt our savings. Holiday spending is often seen as a necessary part of the season but without proper guidance, it’s easy to fall into the trap of spending beyond our means. 

So instead of having Christmas season as a season of spending, why not make it a season of investing? We anticipate receiving Christmas bonuses and 13th month pay in December so instead of using them to pay off debts or buy gifts, why not use them to invest in property? 

Investing in property is more stable and less risky especially for first-time buyers and investors who could make money through rental income and property appreciation. If you are considering to buy a condominium unit this Holiday Season, for end-use or investment, you have to consider some factors in your decision-making. 

  1. Location is key to valuable real estate so choose a condo that is centrally located in the heart of the city. Where the condo is located will undoubtedly affect how much you pay for it or how high the returns will be. 
  2. Consider accessibility and convenience, look for a condo that is situated near major transit hubs and has more than one entry point. Commuting to and from work is a big part of people’s lives, so a condo with easy access to roads and public transportation will be more desirable.  
  3. Buy a condo with good features and important amenities such as convenience stores, café, shops, schools, services, business establishments and restaurants.   
  4. Check the community. Make sure that the condominium property is a safe and secure place to be outdoors. 

Whether for end-use or investment, Vista Residences has top-tier condo properties in Manila and Quezon City which may be good investment choices for those looking to invest in property. It has The University Series which is a portfolio of mid- and high- transit-oriented properties strategically located within university clusters and The Professional Series which is a portfolio of skillfully-engineered and beautifully-designed properties located within Metro Manila’s Central Business Districts. 

Vista Residences has ready for pre-selling projects in Manila which include Orwell Heights and Sky Arts Manila. It also has move-in ready units in Quezon City such as Wil TowerSymphony Towers, and Pine Crestas well as pre-selling units such as Hawthorne Heights and Vista Pointe.  

Choosing the right time to make your investment is important, so is choosing the right time to cash it in. Spend wisely and think long-term. May you find the hope, joy, love and investment that you deserve this Holiday Season.  

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