How to be a Responsible Condo Neighbor

May 10, 2022

As you go to different life stages these days, it is essential to have a place where you will find peace and comfort. The area that, even when you’re far away from your original home, can make you feel that your home and safe. It is essential and convenient indeed to have a place where you can able to find a one-stop-shop, moreover can give you all access to everything you need. Living in a condo is the best option for you as you can enjoy many benefits of condo living, and the factor is that it is one of the suitable long-time investments.

A condominium or a condo is a private residence within a larger building. It is a community where unit owners can share ownership of common areas and enjoy their individual spaces. Living in a condo has been preferred by many even before. Especially in Manila, Makati City, to be specific, as it is the financial center of the Philippines and the most progressive business hub in the country and home to leading corporations. Vista Residences’ ready for occupancy condos for sale in Makati, such as Laureano di Trevi and Salcedo Square, is one of the very accessible in Makati Central Business District, just in case you’re considering going for a convenient place near your office these days. 

Moreover, aside from being apart from a convenient place, of course, you should also consider a friendly community. Like in a real community, people living in a condo building will be viewed as a community. But, just like a normal community, each member has a unique personality. There is a more outgoing member, and some tend to be more introverted. Observing simple or basic neighborly etiquette can make life easier for everyone in the condo community and keep the neighborhood spirit flowing smoothly.

But how to be a good neighbor in the condo community? What are the must-have characteristics or practices of being a good neighbor in a friendly neighborhood? Here are some condo etiquettes on how to be a good neighbor in a condo community?

Greet your neighbor 

To have a friendly neighborhood, the first thing to start a close community is to greet even just a simple ‘hi’ or ‘hello.’ Small talks will do. Big things begin with small steps. 

Keep the noise down

Be sensitive about the noise in your unit or home. It is one of the condo etiquettes of being a good neighbor that many condo owners highly practice. Since noises and vibrations can easily be heard in adjacent suites, you should look into considering your neighbor. It is essential not to be too loud in your place as you have companions, not literally with you but in the same place with you where these people need to relax and crave a peaceful environment like you. You have to avoid stomping around, banging the walls, and playing your music or TV at very high volumes.

The hallway is not an extension of your unit 

There is a time when people are being insensitive; they forget that they are exceeding their limits. Placing out their storage outside their designated areas can sometimes cause hassle to those who are passing by their unit. Being a good neighbor, you should not cause a nuisance that may cause a delay in what they are doing. One of the etiquettes of being a responsible condo owner or a neighbor is that you have to be accountable for everything.

Another example of this is the title itself, and the hallway is not your unit’s extension. It is ok to chat with your friends or even if you have visitors, but you have to consider your neighbor as the echoes of loud voices in the hallway can be heard inside some units. You might as well go to many open areas such as a swimming pool, or you can ask the administration of your condo community to use the function hall if you have many visitors because of an important event. And you are fortunate as Vista Residences condominiums mentioned above offer these very accessible amenities. With this, you will not cause any disturbance in your neighborhood.

Manage your smoking habit

Using cigarettes is strictly prohibited in all common spaces; the exception is only for those areas labeled as smoking zones. As your goal is to have a friendly neighborhood and a friendly community in the condo where you are, please take into consideration asking your neighbors about your smoking habit by asking them, as necessary, to make a change or adjustments. Moreover, being a good neighbor, avoid leaving cigarette butts lying around the property. And do not leave exposed ashtrays outside.   

Be a responsible pet owner

There are a lot of pet-friendly condos in the city. Being a pet owner, you’ll need to be responsible for keeping your fur baby in line. Always clean up after them, and know a place where they can pee or poop. Find ways for your room to be soundproof if you’re keeping a “vocal” pet to avoid or not keep your neighbors up at night.

Park your car responsibly

Rules in parking are very straightforward when you are living in a condo. A friendly community starts with respecting each other’s space. Every condo building has its own parking spaces that all unit owners have the privileged of. Aside from parking spaces, you should’ve been responsible for the way you park so as not to cause any inconvenience to your neighborhood.

Aside from these practices, add this to your list of practices on being a good neighbor. Here is the list of things you should not do, especially in a common condo area, to create a friendly community in your building: 

  • Don’t be rowdy in the hallway 
  • Don’t leave trash anywhere 
  • Don’t get drunk by the pool or bar (Always drink responsibly) 
  • Don’t ride the elevator dripping wet 
  • Don’t ignore elevator etiquette
  • Don’t take another person’s parking slot 
  • Don’t vandalize common spaces

“Don’t do what you don’t want others to do unto you.”

This famous line will describe the way we people practice community etiquette anywhere. Consideration, courtesy, and genuine respect are the keys to having a friendly neighborhood and community. To have a good relationship with your neighbors, be responsible then. It is your place; it is your responsibility. The benefit of good condo etiquette or being a good neighbor is that you can easily reach out to these people, especially in times of need, and it’ll give you a much better-quality life.

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