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How to Celebrate Father’s Day Virtually Inside your Condo

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Father’s Day celebrates and honors men who have embraced the essential role of fatherhood. In the past, observing Father’s Day usually meant throwing a backyard bbq, dining out in a fancy restaurant, hitting the golf course or taking Dad to the movies. However, in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, spending face-to-face time with our family and friends has been limited. But this does not mean we cannot celebrate Father’s Day this year! It only takes a little creativity and technology to be able to celebrate this special day virtually!

Show Dad just how much he is loved and valued with these Father’s Day virtual celebration ideas:

  1. Send Dad a Father’s Day e-card – Pick out any e-gift card or e-gift certificate and attach a digital greeting card. Personalize your message and send him a gift he will love. 
  2. Gather the whole family to chat over FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or any other app that is relatively easy to use – all you need to do is to prepare your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, make sure your internet connection is stable then set up the video chat.
  3. Watch a movie or TV series virtually – If there’s a movie or TV series that is special to you and your dad, you can watch it together for Father’s Day! You can try extensions such as Netflix Party and Scener to enable you to sync up your streaming content so you and Dad can enjoy it together, even if you’re apart. You can also chat with each other too while watching! 
  4. Order Dad’s favorite dinner – Check if his favorite restaurant is offering delivery during this pandemic and schedule an order to be dropped off shortly before dinner. Don’t forget the cake!
  5. Visit a museum through a virtual tour – Why not take Dad to a virtual museum trip this Father’s Day? Several world-renowned museums including the Louvre, the Museum of Natural History, and the Getty Museum are offering virtual tours online. If he’s always got his eyes on the stars, you and your dad can explore NASA’s research centers or use The Space Center’s Houston app for a virtual experience he’ll enjoy.
  6. Watch a livestream concert – Over the last several weeks, artists have participated in livestream concert events. Check to see if any of your dad’s favorite musicians or bands will be performing online this Father’s Day. 
  7. Play games – No matter what your father’s favorite game is, there is probably an online version available. If not, you can both learn to play something new! 

Whether you are world apart or just two blocks away from each other, there are a number of options for bringing the family together to celebrate all the fathers – grandfathers, stepdads, single moms, and other father figures in your family’s life! 

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