How to Reduce the Use of Plastic Inside Your Condo

Mar 06, 2022

It might feel impossible to go plastic-free nowadays unless you live sufficiently on a remote island. We’re surrounded by plastic everywhere, but even if we can’t solve this problem overnight, there are plenty of ways to help reduce the use of plastic in our homes to start making a positive impact on our environment.

Plastics have become a constant element in our lives, it’s literally everywhere from packaging, cosmetics, ingredients, textiles, mobile phones, food, etc. Its omnipresence gives us a hard time in such a way that many would find that reducing its use is such a difficult task. Check out these easy ways how to reduce the use of single-use plastic you can start in your own condo!

Reduce ordering food online

Work from home people tends to order food and drink from online apps, like Grad, Foodpanda, etc that usually come in plastic. Chances are high for people to fancy a drink or a snack, especially coffee. Often, on the go food and drink comes in plastic as plastics keep it fresh, help it stay hot or cold, and prevent it from spilling. As much as possible, try to reduce ordering food online, to avoid plastic bottles and food wraps. There are a lot of startups and growing zero-waste stores in Metro Manila that encourage its users to bring their own containers. These grocery stores have discarded the concept of pre-packed food items and made plastic-free shopping possible. More so, there are also a lot of coffee shops that give discounts to those who bring their own reusable or bamboo coffee cups. You may also look for other ways to have coffee, invest in your own home coffee machine set up. Learn about coffee and do it yourself! Another hobby and interest you can develop while working from home.

Use Reusable Shopping Bag

When it is time to go for a grocery or a quick stop from the store, always carry a reusable shopping bag with you. Even the use of paper bags is much better than packing with plastics. At all times, try to leave it in the bottom of your bag just in case you need it. When you’re in the store, buy drinks in cans. If water simply won’t do, don’t buy juices or fizzy drinks in plastic bottles.  Choose beverages in cans or glass bottles instead. These types of bottles are recyclable and much more environmentally friendly than plastics.


Plastic shampoo bottles and sachets are often overlooked as recyclable items. 1 of 5 people recycles any bathroom items on a regular basis. That means we are creating a lot of unnecessary waste. Plastic shampoo bottles are almost always recyclable, just make sure to empty and clean them to eliminate the shampoo residue that could cause contamination. But instead of falling into the trap of plastic use once again, try using shampoo bars as there are tons of great options out there. They’re essentially a bar of soap for your hair.

The plastic invasion on our planet is a reality. A hard one, with a plastic waste island floating in the Pacific Ocean now, measures 1.6million km2 according to current data. If we want to preserve the planet for us, and for the future generation, the time has come for each and every one of us to take action.

There really is a lot of plastic waste around us. It is in our best interest to look at these plastic wastes one at a time to not become overwhelmed on how to reduce their usage in our everyday lives. When deciding to buy pieces in your homes, always think of the impact of it on the planet.  There are a lot of ways to make your home creative and at the same time, environment friendly. For homeowners who prefer condo living, it’s important to purchase a unit surrounded by nearby shops and establishments that could provide them their needs for their daily living to encourage the reduction of plastic use, and reduce the hassle of travel and transport just to get what they want and/or need.

Vista Residences, one of the leading condominium property developers in the Philippines has been providing its users both the sense of security, comfort, and accessibility to all important locations a unit owner might need. Unit owners come from different walks of life. They all are different, some are students, small families, and extended families - all these are being catered by Vista Residences. Units are also very close to different institutions such as malls, parks, and schools. There are a lot more plans being made by this company as they are currently preparing to develop more mid-rise to high-rise condominium properties in different parts of the country - in the National Capital Region, namely, Manila, Mandaluyong, Ortigas, Makati, Taguig, and Quezon City. It also has units in the Luzon area - in Baguio, in the Visayas - in Cebu, and in Mindanao - Cagayan De Oro. Vista Residences condominium units are designed to suit all types of condo living for its users no matter where they are.

Baguio City is known for its strawberries, cold breeze, and fresh vegetables. Unit owners around the area can purchase wooden fruit baskets and use tote bags when going to the wet market in order to minimize the usage of plastic. For condo unit owners in Cagayan De Oro City, different glass Tupperware might be a great buy as you can store different known delicacies here – tarts, nuts, and pastel bread. Glass Tupperware might be more expensive than the plastic variant but it can greatly help the planet and it is easy to clean too! Unit owners in NCR might enjoy different stainless-steel utensils that they can bring anywhere when they go out to visit the malls and explore different cafes. As there are a lot of trendy cafes rising all over the metro, this surely is the perfect item for them. Aside from reducing the use of plastic, you too can be a lot safer in eating out! There are a lot more environmentally friendly purchases one can make in their Vista Residences home.

Vista Residences continues to create great quality units for its users and potential clients. They also give their users the freedom to shape it however they want and at the same time help them make eco-friendly purchases for their future homes. Indeed, it is a company that values its users’ way of living as it offers state-of-the-art amenities, the presence of leisure and recreational spaces in all its units, and 24/7 security.

A lot can be done to reduce the usage of plastic waste but what’s important is that we try our best and keep in mind to be eco-friendly when purchasing items. Make the next environmental step with Vista Residences!

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