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How to Transform Your Condo into a Functional Workout Space

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We bet getting fit, and staying in shape are part of your fitness goal this 2021. It might seem quite difficult to achieve especially when you have started to change an unhealthy lifestyle or go on a healthy diet and regular exercise program and yet all of a sudden, your schedule becomes worth shooting for.

Fitness goals tend to be one of the most popular resolutions at the beginning of the year. A lot of people even become too specific in targeting their fitness goals which oftentimes include waking up early in the morning to hit the gym, going on a healthy meal plan, or engaging in high intensity workouts and group classes.

However, when these goals fail, many people give up easily on these resolutions. Don’t let it happen to you this year. Don’t make any situation an excuse for you not to achieve your fitness goal this year.

Learn how to get fit and stay in shape without leaving your condo. There are a lot of easy and fun ways to turn your small condo space into a mini-workout area that would help you change and challenge your body without the need for gym shoes, bag and equipment.

Choose an area to be the gym

Condominiums have limited spaces so you really have to maximize every inch of your condo unit. Identify which area in the condo will serve as your workout space, preferably near a window for better ventilation which can be the living area or the balcony.

Grab a jump rope and try to skip every morning, if your ceiling allows for it. You can also use a yoga mat and do regular stretching and yoga exercises for meditation.

Get a compact and easy-to-store home gym equipment

If you love to work out every day yet worry on that your small condo space won’t leave much room for gym equipment, think again. There are a lot of compact home gym equipment that are especially designed to fit condo spaces. All you need to do is to identify your specific fitness goal to be able to match the right home gym equipment.

If you’re lucky, some compact gym equipment come with add-ons such as door anchor or pull-up bar that can also help you train the different parts of your body. 

Need idea on which home gym equipment to choose? Check out 4 Best Home Gym Equipment That Burn Excess Fat: Which One is Best for You

Take virtual workout and dance classes

The pandemic has taught a lot of people to explore different activities virtually, including workout programs, video tutorials, and even online dance classes and group activities.

You can subscribe for free or pay a premium to be able to access a wide-range of workout programs that will surely challenge your mind and body from getting bored.

What’s fun in working out in your condo is that you may or may not be in your gym clothes while doing the routine. You can even dance in your pajamas! Just make sure you keep the volume in just the right level so your condo neighbours won’t be disturbed.

Use your condo furniture

Be more resourceful and creative this year! Why not use your condo furniture for your exercise routine? Use the sofa for leg raises as long as someone sits on it to prevent slipping, and getting into an accident, or you can also do triceps dips and feet-elevated glute bridges easy and hassle free!

You can explore other activities that you can do in the condo to keep you fit and healthy this year. It’s not enough that you identify the things you can do to achieve your fitness goal. Schedule your workouts and have a specific routine to follow. Don’t stop until you reach your fitness goal for this year.

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