Leasing Vs. Buying Office Space In a Condo: Your Guide!

Jul 28, 2022

Any expanding small business may eventually need to decide between renting and purchasing office space. Both options have many advantages and disadvantages, so a small business owner must carefully consider them before making a decision.

Here are the main differences between renting and purchasing office space to help you choose.

Here are the following Pros and Cons of buying a commercial property/office space for investment:

Pros of Buying Office Space:

  • Fixed Costs: Securing a commercial mortgage over an extended period of time might give your company definite, fixed costs.
  • Tax Deductions: Mortgage interest, property taxes, and other expenses along with owning and operating a business can be written off as tax deductions.
  • Additional Income: Owning your office can allow you to rent out additional office space, creating a second stream of revenue.
  • Retirement Savings: The possibility of owning commercial real estate and seeing the value grow over time enables the owner to sell and fund their retirement.

The appeal of purchasing office space for the majority of professionals is the opportunity to increase the property's equity. The office might become a smart investment over time if the building increases in value. You might also make money by leasing it as commercial space to a renter. This offers an additional source of revenue to pay the mortgage and other costs. Some healthcare professionals purchase more space than they require and rent the surplus space out until their practice grows to fill it. In contrast to renting, there are fewer limits on modifying, improving, or beautifying the space. Therefore some practices choose to rent out unused space if their practice grows smaller and they don't want to move.

Cons of Buying Office Space:

  • Lack of Flexibility: A young or expanding company can face unforeseen needs in the future. If your company keeps expanding, your current office space can end up being insufficient, necessitating the sale of the building.
  • Costs up front: Purchasing business space will initially cost much more. In addition to a sizable down payment and potential property enhancement fees, there are property, appraisal, and upkeep costs.

You will need to invest money and time in property maintenance as an owner, whether you own or hire property management. You will also be required to pay taxes on the property. While purchasing office space may have financial advantages, beware of any potential hazards. You can lose money in the arrangement, for instance, if the value of the building drops or if you need to sell but can't find a buyer.

Here are the Pros and Cons of Leasing a Commercial/Office Space instead of buying:

Pros of Leasing an Office Space:

  • Prime Property: Leasing office space allows a company to rent in a neighborhood with a good location and a strong reputation. Leasing is far more cost-effective if your small business relies on location and image, like restaurants or shops.
  • Free up Working Capital: Your company can take advantage of market opportunities if your money is not restricted to real estate. Additionally, borrowing money won't be as constrained as it would be if you were to purchase office space.
  • More Time: There are difficulties with all forms of ownership. With a lease option, you may devote all of your attention to managing your company.

Renting gives you the most flexibility. When you rent office space, you are only committed to the location, square footage, and monthly cost for the duration of the lease. Renting may enable you to start your practice in the desired area that you otherwise couldn't afford, depending on the market. You can split the cost of the premises with other medical professionals if your practice is part-time. By renting, you may be close to other experts. Renting can be your best choice if you don't expect to stay in a place for more than a year or two or if you anticipate changes in your office's needs. For instance, if you lease space in a medical office building, you might have the chance to forge connections.

Cons of Leasing an Office Space:

  • Variable Charges: If you choose a leasing option, you run the risk of having to pay greater costs when your lease ends as well as yearly rent hikes.
  • No Equity: If you lease, your lease payments will go toward someone else's retirement. Owning, though, necessitates working in the real estate management industry.

You don't accumulate equity in the property as a renter. Your rent is likely to rise over time. You could have to work with a challenging or unreliable landlord.

You have the option to consult with a lawyer to review the lease before you sign it to ensure that you are adequately protected against irrational or unexpected costs or obligations. Make sure the lease specifies your and the landlord's maintenance obligations, typically the most costly things like the building's structural, plumbing, and electrical systems.

For most small business owners, the decision to lease or buy office space is not simple. Your decision will be influenced by financial, tax, and personal considerations and business goals. With the options to consider, consult your accountant and financial planner to get the best advice for your specific situation.

After you've found the ideal office space, consider setting up a mobile office that allows you to work from anywhere. While your traditional "home base" will be your primary office space, your mobile office can be the best way to stay in touch even when you are not in the office.

If your lease is ending, your practice's size has recently changed, or you're just starting out, you may be looking for new office space. A key consideration in deciding whether to buy or rent, in addition to location, size, and amenities, is whether to buy or rent.

To create the best decision for your practice, consult your financial advisor after reviewing the potential pros and cons and tips for each option.

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