Music In Nostalgia: Where To Buy Vinyl in Metro Manila

Sep 14, 2022

They say that technology keeps growing, and soon the technology we have today will slowly disappear as it gets replaced by future technology—that isn't entirely true. Take a look at vinyl, for example. In this age of digital playlists and one-tap shuffling of music on your gadgets, the vintage format of vinyl is being brought back to the modern era—instead, it takes you back to the retro feels.

Despite having access to practically all of the world's music on their phone, vinyl is still a popular purchase among modern music enthusiasts. 2021 marks the first year since 1986 that vinyl sales surpass those of CDs! While some may say that it's more accessible to listen to music (even for free) on your phone with just a few taps, nothing beats the nostalgic feeling of having a physical hold on a record. Carefully slip it out of its sleeve, play it on your turntable, and let the beautiful sound resonate inside your condo living walls, then carefully store it in your collection. The nostalgic reappearance of vinyl still wins over old souls and audiophiles worldwide. The popularity of vinyl records among music lovers of all ages continues to rise in The Philippines; more vinyl record shops are springing up.

If you are fascinated by collecting and listening to vinyl and are only around the Metro Manila area, then this one's for you! Keep reading because we're about to tell you about some of the vinyl shops in Metro Manila where you can buy your most loved records and turntables to amp up and keep the vintage mood in your condo.

If you want to start growing your vinyl collection, here are some places you can visit. (This list is not ranked!)

Vinyl Dump Thrift Store

If you're starting in vinyl collecting and are looking for budget-friendly records to buy and play on your vinyl record player, then the Vinyl Dump Thrift Store is the place to go. The records' eras range from the early 60s to the 90s, sold for as low as P300. So if you don't mind getting down and dirty to find your record for your collection, then you can now visit Vinyl Dump Thrift Store and start crate digging!

Address: Cubao Expo, General Romulo Ave, Cubao, Quezon City

Plaka Express

A dependable one-stop shop is Plaka Express. This place is likely one of the largest vinyl catalogs in the metro—it lists tons of vinyl records for your turntable (even OPM!), so it would surely cater to your audiophile needs. Not only the popular titles for vinyl, but this shop also has CDs, tapes, audio gear, and even repair services for your vinyl and CDs.

Address: #50 Palawan St., Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City

Treskul Records & Café

Trishul Records & Café might be what you call a "haven" for vinyl enthusiasts. This is an ideal place for music lovers, and they don't only let you buy (and sell) records, but they also allow you to dine in and mingle with other people, so you are free to meet other vinyl collectors! Trishul Records may be a bit pricey, but it surely will be the perfect place for old souls looking for vintage vinyl.

Address: 641 Boni Ave., Mandaluyong City

Play Record Stop

They are looking for quick transactions, especially during this pandemic, when some are afraid to be outside for too long. Don't worry; we've got a place for you! The Play Record Stop in Makati has a collection of magnificent vinyl records with a wide range of genres and what's better is that they also offer pickup and delivery services. Additionally, they have rotary mixers and vinyl turntables to play your collection in their shop. However, don't forget to set an appointment if you plan to visit the place yourself.

Address: 5663 Don Pedro, Makati, 1200 Metro Manila

The Grey Market

Another excellent store that we recommend is The Grey Market for the hip crowd looking for brand new and pre-owned LPs and vinyl records. They most likely have whatever you're looking for, which is known for its strong appeal to the young population.

Address: Bellitudo Lifestyle Strip, 79 Katipunan Road, White Plains, Quezon City


To those who would like to be extraordinarily experimental and picky with their music options, this record store might be the one you should stop by. ThisIsPop! is undoubtedly not mainstream, but also not a hipster. It is jam-packed with independent and obscure artists from around the world, so do pay a visit and try to listen to one of their records or CDs. Who knows, maybe you'll start falling in love with music from one that you've never heard before.

Address: Legaspi Towers, 148 Legazpi Street, Makati

Trax Manila Records

Residents from Marikina don't even have to go far to find vinyl for their collection because Trax Manila is just there. May it be OPM, movie OSTs, or even vintage records from the 50s to 90s—various types of vinyl, cassette, and CDs are present in Trax Manila Records. Along with those, you can also purchase a cassette tape player. Talk about nostalgia from the 90s!

Address: 60 Sapphire St. Sandalwood, Marikina City

Spindle Hole Records

The Spindle Hole Community Store has vinyl records and players available. Still, aside from the LPs and turntables, you'll also find Funko Pop figurines, limited edition kicks, and even handmade Japanese houses.

Address: Unit 14 Penthouse, Creekside Mall, Amorsolo, Makati


Let's not miss out on Satchmi, of course. Satchmi in Mandaluyong is the "it" place to hang out and listen to your favorite vinyl records with your friends and family in a cozy yet private listening room. Not only is this a place filled with vinyl and vinyl players, but it is also a café that serves its own branded food while offering its turntables with its stash of vinyl presses for purchase.

Address: 4F SM Megamall Fashion Hall, EDSA Cor Julia Vargas Ave, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong

One thing about having a vinyl player and switching it all on is that it's a rare experience and connection with music. You could easily be in a coffee shop or inside your condo living, pressing play on your phone's playlist as you do other things, completely disregarding the music and only treating it as just background music to whatever you're doing. The art of playing vinyl captures your undivided attention from the minute you lift the dust cover of your favorite record and place it on your newly bought turntable or vinyl record player (which adds more aesthetic aspects to your condo design, by the way), very carefully lower and set the stylus, and letting the music be played—it becomes the activity, not just the backdrop.

Do you plan to buy a turntable and start playing a few of your favorite vinyls to change the mood of your condo living? Feel free to check out the places on the list!

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