New Year, New Home: Condo Buying Tips for 2021

Dec 16, 2020

For many of us, New Year signifies fresh start, new hope, celebration, and turning over a new leaf. It is also believed to be the best time to move to a new home in a new place, if you want a new beginning.

Whatever the reason is - whether you’re considering relocating for work, you’re settling down, or you just want to start anew, planning out your move will help you ensure that things will be a lot easier and better for you.

Whether you are looking for a condominium to be your second home in the city or a forever home with room to grow, you would want to be prepared. Here are some tips to make your New Year, New Home resolution a reality this 2021. Check out these tips in buying a condo this New Year as shared by some of the country’s top influencers:

1.      Check if it is the right time to buy and how much you can afford

Tyrone Solee (

Before you look for a new condo or kick off your property search, it is important to check if it is really the right time for you to buy. Even though there are various condo deals and options available, you have to evaluate first your personal finances as well as any changes that may come along the way before you even make a decision.

Moreover, take a look at your financial situation and the property’s monthly amortization in order for you to gauge if you could really afford to purchase a condo property at this time. This way, you could also be able to assess the price range of the condo you are willing to spend on.

2.      Identify the factors you are looking for in a condo property

Rod Magaru (

It’s time to ask yourself what factors you are looking for in a property. Should it be just a few steps away from your workplace, is it a studio or one-bedroom unit? Does it come with parking? Is it in close proximity to any transport hub? Are there amenities to enjoy?

Keep these things in mind as you zero in on your buying criteria.

3.      Go on condo tours

Karina Ramos (

Now that you have assessed your financial capability as well as your main considerations in buying a condo, it’s time for you to go on condo tours!

It will surely be fun yet challenging as you hop from one property to another until you land on your dream condo unit. But at least you get to compare and learn from the different condo features, offers, as well as the community.

A lot of developers now are also offering virtual condo tours on their websites because of the pandemic. However, should you want to check the property first-hand, remember to always follow safety protocols and research on the developer’s site tripping procedure.

4.      Research on the developer and its other condo projects

Ginger Arboleda (

You might have probably short listed the properties according to your taste and preference but you also have to keep in mind that it is important to research on the developer and its other condo projects.

Choose the condominium developer with proven track record in the real estate industry so that you’ll be assured of the quality of development as well as the potential value of your property.

Keeping these simple tips in mind will help you become ready to a new move this new year. Nothing is ever fulfilling than to be able to move into your dream condo property whenever and however you want it to!

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