Pantone Color of 2022: How to Incorporate it in your Condo

Dec 29, 2021

Pantone has invented a brand-new hue for 2022, and it'll probably look pretty good hanging on your wall. The Pantone Color of the Year for 2022 is Very Peri. Peri is a type of purple that's an infusion of magenta and turquoise. 

It's a captivating and dynamic purple shade that conveys the feeling of waking up to a beautiful morning after an exciting, exhilarating evening. And, if you're a less adventurous person, you might want to opt for the Pantone Color Spotlight on Peri, which will display all kinds of tips and guidelines on how to use this color in your condo.

If you're looking into redesigning your condo in the Philippines, we've rounded up some great ideas for how to incorporate this fantastic color into your home! Plus, we've got some advice on which other colors will go well with it!

Paint an accent wall

Since purple is a complex color that can trick the eye, a single accent wall or even a tiny room painted purple can instantly change the feel of a room. If you choose to paint a very light matte shade of purple, that enhances the brightness and vibrancy of the color and could be an excellent complement for white trim. If you're daring and want to inject some more excitement into your home, try painting more than one wall peri. Be aware that this might be challenging since it's such an intense color, but the effect is sure to be eye-catching!

Try color blocking

Jumping on the Pantone bandwagon is always a fun and stylish way to decorate your home. Using their top Color of the Year can feel like a modern way to keep things fresh in your condo design, especially if you are trying to make it feel like a new place again. Some stylish condo in the Philippines uses color blocking to create a fun and energetic space. Different shades of purple are used throughout rooms in blocks, which allows them to blend while still creating a unique style.

Paint your cabinets

If you want to go for a more subtle and traditional design in your condo home redesign, painting your cabinets purple might be just what you need. As a contrasting color, it can be paired well with dark wood floors and white trim, creating the look of a classic kitchen without the space feeling too dark. You can also create fun designs on the cabinets by stenciling or using tape to create a pattern. It's a quick and easy way to decorate!

Get some purple furniture

Many purple pieces of furniture will instantly turn any space into an oasis! From armchairs and club chairs to side tables and coffee tables, there's so much to choose from! This spices up your condo living into a more exciting vibe.

Bring in some more vibrant colors

If you're still not convinced about purple as the color of your new condo interior, try experimenting with some other colors. Combining purple with a simple black and white color palette can create a sleek and sophisticated vibe that's sure to be eye-catching! Try alternating between the two shades in photos frames or on your wall decor for an engaging look that's exciting but not overbearing. 

Try adding art pieces

Art pieces can be the perfect way to tie together your color scheme. Lavender landscapes, purple abstract details, and digital or floral prints may bring Very Peri's creative spirit to your space in the form of paintings and framed portraits. When you're ready to add some art, consider using the "rule of three" to make it eye-catching.

Use some purple accessories

If you're not entirely sold on purple as your primary color, it's possible to incorporate this shade into your home decoration through valuable objects. Accessories like pillows, throws, or even candles can help make a space feel cozy and complete. They're also a great way to add some color to your home. Indoor lavender plants and Amethyst crystals are natural ornamental elements that may brighten any room. Because of their anxiety-reducing effects, both are known to impact one's well-being positively. Lavender is available in various forms, including plant, essential oil, extract, and tea. Meanwhile, Amethyst is best kept in the bedroom because it is thought to bring clarity and aid in getting a good night's sleep. 

Maximize your space

You can add Very Peri's electrifying energy to your area by structuring it in a place that can naturally accentuate its color. For instance, open floor plans tend to make the most impact with their delicate features and bright colors, so you might want to make a space that already has these features. When you choose your furniture and flooring wisely, it may make the most sense to maximize your space with pieces that will work well with Very Peri's unique vibrancy. This does not only make your space great, but it also helps condo living a bit lighter for the year.

Try the monochromatic look

Monochromatic color schemes are very much in now and are often considered more fashionable than the more neutral palettes popular in the past. Since purple is a type of blue-based red, this might make it a popular way to go for your new condo design. Red tones are believed to create energy and enthusiasm in people, so using this color scheme might give you a mood boost every day!

Keep it simple

Minimalism is all around us. It's in fashion and design and many different aspects of our lives, such as home decorating and interior design. People want to create a space with a clean and elegant vibe that doesn't overwhelm you. A classy yet straightforward condo design will undoubtedly be very enticing and calming. Purple combines the elegance of purple colors with the simplicity and natural aura of light tones. The result is a minimalistic yet stylish living space that you would love to call home.

"The Pantone Color of the Year reflects what is taking place in our global culture, expressing what people are looking for that color can hope to answer... creating a new color for the first time in the history of our Pantone Color of the Year educational color program reflects the global innovation and transformation taking place." Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute.

This year's color signifies change and transformation. And if you're still looking for a sign to redesign your condo, then here it is.

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