Perfect Color Scheme for your Condo on Holidays

Jan 01, 2022

Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. You can mix up your condo design and have a theme, build up a Christmas tree, and color-coordinate every nook and cranny of your condo. However, some people get too excited about Christmas decorations, so they end up with a giant mess right in front of their faces. With that said, staying away from over-designing would help, and going with a specific color theme would be a life-saver!

Red and green have always been the hues of Christmas, but if you want to create a more minimalistic design, or use other color palettes for a change, then why not? After all, living in aesthetics is a bit of a tradition nowadays. And since Christmas is all about bright, vivid colors, you might be thinking that it will be pretty hard to pull off a minimalist design with those hues. But fret not, since there are countless ways for you to step up your game in condo living and Yuletide decors. Whether you use dark tones or Earth tones with a few hints of vivid colors, you can always trust that your condo will look extra during the holiday season. 

All White Christmas

While living in the Philippines during the Holiday season means no snow, it should not stop you from having an all-white Christmas! After all, white will always be an elegant and trendy seasonal palette. Also, this color scheme will never be dull, as you can include colors with a hint of white to avoid monotonous decor. For instance, a series of soft to crisp hues may involve off-white and dove grey. When combined with light hints of silver and gold, these colors would make for a dazzling, aesthetic, and sophisticated condo. You can purchase ribbons, white tulle, bows, and add accents of a few metallic Christmas tree ornaments; you will surely end up with a design unlike any other. 

If you are living in a condo in Manila or somewhere in the Philippines, this Christmas color scheme would be the talk of the town! With that, expect many Yuletide gatherings and celebrations to happen inside your condo.  

Soft Brown and White Combination

Rustic design is probably one of the most trendy color schemes this year. With that said, going for a soft brown mixed with crispy white is the way to go if you envision a rustic aesthetic during the holidays. Not to mention you can even go eco-friendly with this color palette! In particular, you can discard the traditional and artificial pine trees to put up this Christmas, as well as other centerpieces and wreaths. Instead, opt for a tree made with barks and natural branches with white ornaments. Of course, the decorations also have to go with the rustic yet eco-friendly theme! You can use white yarn pom-poms and paper balls to decorate with that.

The presents at the bottom of the tree can be wrapped in burlap or brown recycled paper with tied twines! This color scheme will go perfectly if you have wooden, rattan, or rustic furniture and home decor inside your condo. And if you are looking for a ready for occupancy condo, Vista Residences can give that opportunity to you! They have a condo in Manila, a condo in Mandaluyong, and other parts of the Philippines. On that note, check out Vista Residences for a well-built and strategically placed condo in the Philippines!

Blue and Green Combination

Who knew blue and green would make up for a beautiful and unique Christmas Color Scheme? If you live in a condo but love the waves, then choosing this palette would bring the sea right into your home! Not to mention this palette will serve as a great centerpiece if your house is filled with neutral tones. So if you want a design that pops straight out of the ordinary, try combining blue and green to your tree this Christmas!

What is more, if you have furniture with a hint of an earth tone green, it would be a great addition to the overall look of your condo design! You can play with the prints of blue pillows, green chairs, and best of all, you can use your indoor plants as an added decoration. Indeed, going for this color scheme this Christmas will effortlessly bring the much-needed festive look to your condo. 

Ombre Color Scheme

Having hues that gradually transition from light to dark is undoubtedly one of the most unique yet elegant color schemes you can choose! And even though it might be tricky to pull this off, you can start with the Christmas tree first. The tree must start with white, while the middle must display a darker tone, and the bottom finishes off with a black or dark green hue. You will clearly establish the ombre color palette inside your condo in doing this. 

For the ornaments, you can go simple since your color scheme transitions from light to dark. With that said, adding subtle gold Christmas lights to the tree will undoubtedly put the cherry on top. And as for the furniture, you can surround the tree with earth tones with shades of light and dark. That way, they will perfectly blend well together, giving you a unique Yuletide vibe. 

Silver and Gold Palette

Metallic colors will always boast of their neutrality. With that said, you can expect them to go well with different hues, materials, and textures. Not to mention this color palette embodies abundance, prosperity, and extravagance. On that note, if you want to welcome the Yuletide season with positivity while maintaining luxury, a mix of gold and silver is the way to go. 

You can put up a white Christmas tree with gold ornaments, and compliment the surroundings with white-colored furniture. By combining the subtle palettes of white, you can even out the grandeur that silver and gold portrays. After all, you surely wouldn't want to overdo the metallic colors since they do have a tendency of being too much in terms of a color’s vividness. 

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