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Rediscovering condo living – is it right for you?

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Imagine an environment that makes your life choices possible. Imagine living in a caring community that fits your lifestyle needs. Imagine celebrating yourself as an individual in the unique and everyday aspects of life.

Vista Residences, the condominium arm of the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. helps you rediscover the value of condo living by providing you with the right property that suits your needs.  Vista Residences has top-tier condominium properties in Manila and Quezon City that are short distances away schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and offices making everything within easy reach.

People have different reasons for choosing a property. University students would prefer to live near school to have more time for homework and sleep. Millennials would love to explore living independently in the heart of the city. Young professionals would prefer to live near their workplace to avoid the daily traffic and long commute. Starting families seek for a safer and more secure place to raise their kids. Empty nesters would prefer to downsize and retire in a smaller yet peaceful space.

In order to fulfill these needs, you have to carefully choose where to live. And in choosing the best place to live, you have to choose a property with the best location. It is something that every person planning of buying a condo for own use or capable of investing should consider especially during this time.

Here are a few things every condo buyer should consider when choosing the best place to live:

Parents who have kids entering college now prefer to purchase a condo near campus where their kids can live during their college years. This will prevent their kids from suffering the burden of long commutes in order to get an education. Moreover, the property will also serve as a place to stay when they visit their son or daughter.

At the end of the day, if parents buy a condo, they have another asset in their portfolio which upon the graduation of their kids, they can sell or keep as rental. Parents should choose a property that is walkable to good schools and see how it fits into their kids’ schooling needs. 

Millennials, on the other hand, are taking their sweet time and are not in a rush to settle down. Their approach to work-life balance is driving them to buying a condo. 

Condo life gives millennials cost-efficient, dynamic and urban options that enable them to spend their own time on doing what they want to do and pursue their passion. 

The most attractive condo developments are built in the heart of the city where the “action” is. Living close to action allows millennials to explore the city, save commute times and enjoy more time for themselves.

After all, why live away from restaurants, shopping malls, entertainment, and the latest happenings?

Today’s young professionals (yuppies) usually live an active lifestyle. They work hard yet they don’t miss out on having fun. This is one of the reasons why they prefer to live in a condo near their workplace. 

As condos are usually located in business districts and prime areas, they offer an easier and more convenient way of working for the yuppies. With condo living, there is no need to go through long hours of commute, wasting time that could have been spend on more important things like spending time with loved ones, taking a freelance job or simply just relaxing after a long day’s work.

Meanwhile, more couples and starting families are now starting to see the benefits of growing a family in a condo environment. From location, living spaces, and amenities, condos today are designed to be family-oriented ensuring each family of safety, comfortability and convenience.

Safety is priority in all condo developments. There is 24-hour security and surveillance in condo buildings and they are also equipped with emergency measures should there be fire, earthquake or any similar incident.

Condos are also intimate and cozy, so families get to live simply and bond more. Aside from this, there are condo amenities that the kids and the whole family can also enjoy such as pool, playground, game room and fitness center. And if the condo amenities are not enough, there are always nearby malls, establishments and play centers where they can bond on weekends

Condo is also becoming an option for empty nesters. When kids leave home, parents’ life suddenly shifts. For empty nesters whose kids have already moved out, downsizing to a condo might be a good option. While every situation is different, for most, the answer is yes. 

Condo living has a lot of benefits for empty nesters such as safety and security and easy access to facilities. When you live in a condo, any issues that you have, any repairs that need to be made are taken care of. Life is much simpler and more carefree. They can also take advantage of the amenities that make life at home feel like a vacation.

With a lot of options to choose from, only you and your loved ones can determine the best place for you to live. These decisions can often be difficult and many questions need to be asked.

Vista Residences has ready for occupancy and pre-selling projects in Manila which include Vista Taft and 878 Espana as well as Bradbury Heights, Tennyson Heights, Plumeria Heights, Orwell Heights and Vista GL Taft respectively.

It also has move-in ready units in Quezon City which includes Wil Tower, Symphony Towers, Pine Crest and Vista 309 Katipunan as well as pre-selling units such as Hawthorne Heights and Vista Pointe.

  To know more about Vista Residences and its ready for occupancy and pre-selling units in Manila, email us at [email protected], like and follow our Facebook page @VistaResidencesOfficial or call our Marketing Office at 09089148457.   

Publshed on: Business Mirror | August 21, 2020