Restaurants Near Your Condo in Timog

Mar 31, 2022

Timog Avenue is located in the heart of Quezon, it is a major road in Quezon City within the Diliman area of northeastern Metro Manila, in the Philippines. It runs east and west through the southern edge of the barangay of the south triangle and is used to be named in English South Avenue. The location of this Timog Avenue is in the Quezon City’s entertainment area, which is known for its trendy restaurant, bars, karaoke, and also comedy clubs and also it is the home to the GMA Network Center studios which is located at the avenue’s junction with Epifanio de Los Santos Avenue or more commonly known as EDSA. 

In Quezon City, you can do a lot of fancy, fun, and enjoyable activities, make memories and spend your time in an amazing way, especially with your loved ones and relatives which can be added to your unforgettable moments. 

 After a long day of exciting moments and activities, food comes next but for some, it is always food that comes first before anything else. As it has been said, eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and Timog Avenue in Quezon City and also along with its neighbor which is Tomas Morato, this place is one of the best gifts for all the foodies living in Metro Manila and they cannot ask for more. This national road is teeming with all the sorts of food the taste buds could ever handle from one dining establishment to another, from local restaurants and fast-food chains to specialty bakeshops and also those that offer fusion cuisine. No wonder, these places are the reason that it has become a favorite urban destination among those dwellers and tourists, most especially the millennials who are exploring and commonly having the want to try and experience new foods, new grub and also wanting to have a good time. 

As a premier restaurant strip, it is never enough just to have a day exploring foods in Timog for it has its smorgasbord of dining places. Allotting a 2-day exploration may be a good idea to have or to do some neighborly stroll around the area to satisfy your cravings and treat your taste palate to some new foods that you will only taste here in Timog and its neighboring food hubs. 


On top of the list is RACKS, it is a homegrown casual dining restaurant serving the best ribs in the Philippines. They are offering their famous flame-grilled baby ribs as a house specialty. They take great pride in the quality and delicious taste of their ribs. The process in RACKS starts with them selecting the finest pork and beef ribs available. They do the cutting on their own and trimming so they can ensure that they have the right portion cut. The ribs are then hickory-smoked in a blend of special herbs and spices for that distinct, rich, smoky flavor. For the finishing touches, they grill and finish it with flame broiling to seal all the goodness. they are located in 40 Timog Ave, Diliman, Quezon City. 

Ombu Kusina

If you want to try and experience local and Filipino dishes, then Ombu Kusina may be the right place for you with their Lechon, Kare-Kare, sisig, adobo, and halo-halo for the dessert. These foods are what they are considered distinctly Filipino. Dishes that represent their passion, their diversity of flavor, and the diversity of culture. They are into promoting our very own dishes amid international food and dishes arising being dubbed modern Filipino restaurants. They are located in 91-93, Ground floor, Sequoia Hotel, Mother Ignacia Avenue, corner Timog Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila. 

Silla Restaurant

As Kpop arises in the Philippines even more, a lot of individuals also want to try the food of their bias, and even not a fan of Korean food, the Silla Restaurant is the perfect place for you. Discover a new taste of the menu with Korean cuisine in the comfort of this restaurant. Taste nicely cooked chicken, kimchi, and soup. Your food will be accompanied by energetic staff with their professional service, and a budget-friendly food, Silla Restaurant is a must. They are located at 5-A Timog Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila. 

Quattro Grill Bar and Restaurant

If your taste buds are looking for something grilled with a touch of local dessert, then you must give a visit to Quattro Grill Bar and Restaurant, a refreshing place that is deserving to be part of your visiting list. They accompanied their nice food with good music for it is the best duo combo in an evening in Quattro Grill Bar and Restaurant. You can enjoy dishes like Bake fish fillet or Kare Kare and then finish it with a local dessert like Bibingka and different rice cakes, their rice cakes are the craving of the locals because of their classic quality. It is soft but still holds a slight crunch, finished off with salted egg slices, cheese, and grated coconut. It is so good that you can finish the whole plate in no time, they are located at 96 Timog Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila, Philippines. 

Tramway Garden Buffet 

Craving for Chinese foods? Then Tramway Garden Buffet is the perfect place for you, they served an affordable Chinese buffet perfect for family and friends, they offer affordable food but still authentic Cantonese cuisines, you can eat till your heart’s out with their eat all you can dining experience. They are located in Timog Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila. 


Visiting at night, looking for an intimate vibe, craving for stake? If this is all you then Steak77 is the place to be and the perfect place you are looking for. Steak77 is a trendy house where you can weak your extra tight tuxedo shirt. The tables are topped with white linen cloths, and the setting is quite dark perfect for the intimate vibe you are wanting, and it does not feel stuffy. This place is perfect for your date night and it pretty much exudes power, glamour, and romance. You will enjoy the classical instrumental music playlist in the background and you will surely appreciate the quietness as well. They are located at 66 Timog Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103, Metro Manila. 

There are really a lot of Restaurants in Timog and you should dedicate 2 days or more for you to experience almost all of the food hubs, but always take into consideration your health, because as we all know even good things especially good foods are nice, if it is too much it will not be good for our body, In Timog, you will enjoy the food but regulation will be nice. Timog is the right place and the Disney land for the foodies out there. 

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