Tara Kape Series: Best local coffee beans in the Philippines

Jul 12, 2022

Coffee is a way of life for many people. Life in a condo living will not be able to call complete without the aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans every morning, either imported or local coffee beans. Every Filipino love to accompany most meals with a cup of hot coffee. Drinking coffee is part of the morning habit for some, either hot or cold, inside or out of their home. Even though Philippine coffee is not the biggest player on stage right now, our local farmers are doing the best they can to meet and level those branded beans that came from outside the country.

Here are the varieties of local coffee beans in the Philippines tended by our local farmers that you might consider trying in your condo.

Arabica Coffee

It is loved all over the world as it is the most popular type of coffee. It is known for its smooth texture, with a hint of sweetness at the end. It has a wide range of flavors – either caramel, chocolate, or sometimes even fruit! If you are looking where to buy local coffee beans in the Philippines like this, they can be found in Sagada and Benguet. These places have the perfect environment for Arabica to grow.


Liberica coffee is most commonly known as kapeng Barako. This is the coffee type that is loved or hated by some, neve in between. Liberica is better known as Kapeng Barako, a coffee type that’s either loved or hated, never in between. Some people love this bean as it has a strong punch. In addition, Barako has a unique smokey and chocolatey taste. The flavors might be overwhelming to some and its texture is usually dense. It praises and love by some who love its spicy undertones that will be accompanied by its subtle hint of floral flavor.


This coffee has been having been re-classified as one variety of Liberica, hence the actual coffee of excels is so different that you will still think that these are separate species. This has been described as a “teardrop” shape that gives a resemblance to Liberica, hence it is much smaller than the average size. Moreover, it has also a distinctively dark, tart, mysterious, fruity taste that is somewhat described by some coffee enthusiasts as “mysterious to the palate”. Some people might not love and attractive to the aroma of Excelsa beans


Robusta coffee is notorious as described by some. It has a trace of bitterness and a powerful taste. The texture of Robusta can be a little rubbery and grainy. This texture is where instant coffee and espresso are primarily utilized. In the Philippines, this coffee is widely popular In Cordillera, wherein people named Robusta coffee Kalinga Brew, by cooking the ground Robusta coffee in boiling water and mixed with brown sugar. 

Hence, Robusta, has more than 90% of coffee come out to our country. Local farmers and producers push really hard to produce quality local coffee beans, even though the Philippine coffee industry may not be the top player on the table right now. There are many coffee brands and local coffee beans that are underrated by the mass. Therefore, it is recommendable for you to try out these local coffee beans.

Investing in your coffee machine is essentially the same as how you invest in real estate. Aside from it’s very essential these days, your life will get more convenient as you can do and explore everything you desire. You can learn how to be independent and do a lot of things by living on your own and you can learn how to make your own coffee art by having a coffee machine.

Having a condo near your work, like Salcedo Square in Salcedo Village is very convenient and accessible to all. There is also so many coffees shop around the area where you can try a lot of brewed coffee, either hot or cold. Having your own homemade brewed coffee in your condo can make your condo living extra. But, where to buy local coffee beans like the coffee beans mentioned above. Here are some local coffee beans in the Philippines that are perfect to buy for your condo and where you can buy them.

SGD Coffee 

SGD – a play name of Sagada. This is where the main source of these coffee beans came from. Typically, the specific sub-type of Arabica beans was founded in the highlands of Cordillera. You can find it on different online shopping platforms.

Sinag Coffee Roastery 

Since 2014, working with the local farmers hand-in-hand with the Mangyan tribes of Mindoro, this coffee ground brings sustainability. There are kinds of commercial coffee beans or grounds (you choose), these are the following:

  • Benguet blend
  • robusta medium or dark roast
  • arabica dark roast
  • Barako blend
  • Sagada medium roast

Note that when you order these, prices vary depending on weight.  

Kapeng Barako 

It is also known as Batangas coffee. In the U.S, this is a well-known coffee that is proudly Filipino. As mentioned above, it is part of a liberica species. It has a bold and almost spicy flavor. It has a wide variety of flavors that you can taste including dark chocolate and anise. Coffee beans (or grounds) can be easy to find in the market, especially these days. Have a cup of Batangas coffee, make a coffee treat after dinner, perhaps in the morning or when you’re sleepy during the work-from-home setup, and enjoy condo living. 


This is a Marikina-based coffee business. The source of Beanhi coffee came from the Cordillera Highlands, Sagada. They have different menus including Barako, Sagada – in either dark or medium roast, Benguet, and the 50% arabica-cordillera macadamia.

Pukaw Coffee

A Mandaluyong-based coffee business. Pukaw Coffee offers local. They offer liberica with mix with arabica. Among the arabica picks, they offer dark chocolatey Sagada, the choco-berry Maramag, and the citrusy-plum Mt. Apo.  

Aside from this local coffee you can buy locally, here are other local coffee beans you can buy in the Philippines:

Moreover, here are some of the most popular Filipino coffee brands that you also want to consider.

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