The Best Wine Shops to Enjoy In or Outside of Your Condo

Jul 15, 2022

Tired of the stressful work? Not enough sleep, or perhaps your kids were hugely challenging. Maybe your worries are making you feel heavy, or your busy schedule prevented you from practicing yoga or engaging in meditation. This is understandable! Finding a moment for yourself can be made easier with a glass of your favorite, most soothing wine.

It is not about sipping on a drink as you hurriedly prepare for dinner, respond to emails, tidy up, or put restless kids to bed. It refers to relaxing with a glass of wine and taking your alone time seriously.

There is nothing quite like unwinding with a great glass of red wine at the end of a long day.

Contrary to what many people believe, wine can help with relaxing in a far more significant way. Wine can be used in various ways, including as a tasty nightcap or a way to relax in your condo living. Some wines can promote relaxation more so than others. We've compiled a list of some of the best wine shops in NCR to unwind after a long day to aid you in your voyage on the de-stress express.

For the Wine Enthusiasts,

1. Cork Wine Bar and Shop

Cork Wine Bar and Shop is a winery shop with glass walls, high ceilings, and opulent decor by Casanova Interior and is situated in The Fort. It is well-known for carrying premium labels from prestigious wineries and proudly advances its goal of enhancing wine culture in the Philippines. In addition to serving great pours, Cork is also a famous wine shop in NCR and a premier dining location. 


Through their online wine store or "cellar door," handpicks the most outstanding wines in the Philippines for the community of wine enthusiasts. Considered one of the greatest wine suppliers in Metro Manila, features the most well-known wine locations and types worldwide. They also offer a wide variety of wines in addition to liquors, pantry staples, and bare necessities. 

3. Wine Drop

Passionate, informed wine connoisseurs produce the best wines, and the Wine Drop crew fits that description. After founding AWC Philippines, a local distributor and importer focused on family-run vineyards worldwide. Its mission is to share its passion for wine and food with its consumers. Visit their website for information on summer wines, pizza pairings, and other helpful insights, or get in touch with them personally for guidance from a professional. Wine delivery around Manila is also available here. 

4. Wine Depot

Wine Depot is committed to assisting you in learning about your personal wine preferences—a crucial realization that serves as your star when lost in a sea of foreign bottles—whether through virtual tastings or practical sections that dive into taste profiles and food combinations. With the help of the store's outstanding selection, which taste profiles and meal pairings have conveniently organized, get to know your palate's preferences at Wine Depot. Wine delivery in Manila is also available. Check out their website. 

5. Wine Story

Wine Story introduces enthusiasts to the fascinating world of good wine. They are a high-end wine supplier in Metro Manila that was established in 2010 to bring wine culture into regular people's lives. When you browse Wine Story's selection of whites, reds, and roses, you will only find the best wines money can buy. They have an amazing and big selection of French wines that they source from Champagne, Bordeaux, and Burgundy vineyards.

6. Manila Wine

Are you looking for a thorough, all-encompassing wine experience? Surely, Manila Wine is a wine shop in NCR that meets your needs. The business is dedicated to fostering your love of wine with concierge services that attend to your needs, online and in-person wine appreciation classes, and of course, a great range of wine varieties from Aglianico to Zinfandel. Additionally, Manila Wine offers private wine appreciation classes for groups of two to fourteen people. They lead you through five different varieties while instructing you on the many aspects of wine production.

7. Ralph's Wine and Spirits

Ralph's has become a destination for obtaining wine and spirits throughout the metro area and beyond, with a store around every corner. Fortunately, Ralph's also provides wine delivery services, making purchases from them even more straightforward. Visit their website, explore their vast selection, and place an order to have your next drink brought right to your door. Several Ralph's branches around the Metro, including Makati and BGC, house some of Vista Residences' condo living styles or condominium projects. 

Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

People have consumed wine for thousands of years, and ample evidence supports its health advantages. New studies continue to point out the many benefits of moderate wine consumption, or around one daily glass.

According to studies, people who drink wine moderately have lower heart disease incidences. Researchers think red wine's high polyphenol antioxidant content can lower your risk of metabolic illnesses like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. According to some research, red wine consumption may lower blood pressure in those with high blood pressure, lowering their risk of developing heart disease.

Drink Moderately and Responsibly

Drinking in moderation is beneficial for the heart and circulatory system and may help prevent type 2 diabetes and gallstones. In most nations, excessive drinking is a leading cause of accidents and deaths. 

The bottom line? Balancing the risks and benefits. It is impossible to provide general suggestions concerning alcohol due to its effects on the body and the complexity of the individuals who consume it. Each of us has different advantages and risks associated with alcohol due to our individual personal and familial history. It is essential to carefully weigh these advantages and disadvantages while deciding whether or not to drink alcohol, and always remember to drink responsibly. 

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