Top 7 Aesthetic Electric Fans for a Breezy Condo Unit

Apr 05, 2023

Beating the heat starts from the basics - having an electric fan alongside your air conditioner! But besides serving you a cool breeze, fans can also deliver looks with the current demand for an aesthetic electric fan! With that said, if you want a stand fan that compliments how your condo unit is designed, this article will give you some recommendations that will fit your budget and satisfy your thirst for a modern and sleek fan.

How to choose an electric fan most suitable for condo living

When living in a condo, there are a few things you should take into consideration before purchasing your next electric fan. Continue reading below to get a little buying guide!

The size of your condo

One very important consideration is the size of your condo. Notably, you would not want to sacrifice a lot of space inside your unit to feel comfortable and cool. On that note, you should look for electric fans that fit well in your condo. What is more, this factor will also help you decide on the type of fan that will suit your lifestyle. For instance, if you do not have much space to spare, ceiling fans, bladeless fans, tower fans, or wall-mount fans might be your best bet this summer.

Different types of aesthetic electric fan

With different electric fans offering a plethora of styles and types, it is best to consider all before focusing on one! After all, this factor encompasses all - ranging from the design, fan speed, electric fan brand, and features. To illustrate, some of your best options include a stand fan, ceiling fan, wall-mount fan, box fan, tower fan, floor fan, and many others. Notably, each fan delivers a unique vibe, so you should choose one that fits your style and modern design preference that compliments your small condo spaces.

The size of the fan

Without a doubt, some fans can be a little bulky, which is a hassle for people who want space-saving appliances. Knowing the exact height and dimensions of the fan you are interested in might be the best thing to do!

Your personal preferences

Aside from looking at your available options online or in-store, it is also important to consider your preferences above all. For instance, this is where the budget comes in, as some fans can be pretty pricey, depending on the type. Additionally, this also covers fan speed, noise level, ease of cleaning, the safety of children or pets, and the type of air circulation you want in your condo. That said, collect your preferences first to narrow down your options.

Top 7 Aesthetic Electric Fans Philippines

With new electric fans offering sleek looks and cool breeze, it can be hard to pick! On that note, here are the top 7 aesthetic electric fans you must check:

Asahi XF 6077 Retro Wooden Stand Fan

First on the list is the one that started it all, the Asahi XF 6077 Retro Wooden Stand Fan! Not only that, but the fan's vintage and minimalist design undoubtedly set the highest standard in modern electric fans. The fan's body comes in black or white, but the blades look wooden despite being made of plastic. With that said, this stand fan will go well in households with white/brown aesthetics (Hello, Team Kahoy friends!). The stand fan is available on LazMall, with a price tag of Php 5,700! Although this stand fan is on the pricier side, its features and stylish facade undoubtedly justify the price.

Clifton Electric Fan

In achieving a retro/industrial vibe, look no further than this Clifton industrial fan! Not only that, but this small fan would go perfectly in small rooms. However, never underestimate this 14-inch fan, packed with remarkable motor power and an 85° oscillation angle. Indeed, this all-metal fan will stand out regardless of where you place it. The fan's price starts at Php 2,500 and is available on Shopee!

Dyson Air Purifier Tower Fan

Hitting two birds with one stone, this tower fan from Dyson can clean the air you are breathing while maintaining cool temperatures inside your condo. To illustrate its features, the product boasts smooth oscillation and an Air Multiplier™ technology that allows an uninterrupted flow of purified air! Aside from that, you will love the fan's quiet noise, stylish look, and modern vibe. Not to mention, Dyson is among the best electric fan brand Philippines! Available at Php 5,900 from Shopee, you can purchase this bladeless fan online hassle-free.

V2S f3 Telescoping Fan

To complement your air conditioning, this V2S f3 Telescoping Fan can do the job. But what stands out with this product is it is foldable for easy storage! Hence, you can easily fit this fan inside drawers or storage baskets when not in use. But despite the small size, this is also a great option for table use as it can give powerful airflow while only emitting a tolerable white noise. With that said, you can use this during your conference calls and video calls without a noisy stand fan behind you. The fan's price starts at Php 391, and it is available on Shopee, so you can buy it online.

MUJI Low Noise Desk Fan

This desk fan will improve your mood as you work on a scorching hot afternoon and is available in aesthetic shades of pink, off-white, and blue. What is more, the fan boasts of having double-reversed blades and a swinging function, thus considerably reducing noise level. But aside from its great features, you can bring this portable desk fan anywhere as long as you can plug it into a USB port! Its speed options go up until level two, but despite having the fan on its strongest setting, you can still expect the product only to emit sound at 30 decibels. You can purchase this at any MUJI store near you, and the price starts at Php 3,000.

Xiaomi Mijia DC Floor Fan 

If you want to pull off an all-white aesthetic stand fan, Xiaomi is your new best friend. To illustrate, this stand fan offers smart controls. Hence, you can connect it to the official Xiaomi app and control the fan via voice or phone command. Indeed, combining the stand fan's strong wind and strong airflow with its sophisticated design makes up for a must-have accessory at home. Price starts at Php 3,200 on Shopee.

Xiaomi Youpin Leshow Smart Bladeless Standing Fan

Last but not least is this bladeless stand fan from Xiaomi! Many households can testify to this stand fan's durability and strong motor. Notably, the product's elegant design, efficiency, and outstanding performance are key features. Not to mention this has set the highest standard for bladeless stand fans in the market, making it a great choice for your house. You can enjoy all the air when you buy this product online at Php 6,400 on Lazada.

Although buying a stand fan online can be convenient, it is still best to purchase physically in stores. Notably, AllHome offers a plethora of great choices when it comes to owning an industrial stand fan or box fan. With everything mentioned, try purchasing your new aesthetic fan with the help of this article's top 7 recommendations for the best condo lifestyle.

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