Top 7 Appliances & Furnitures For Your First Condo Move-In

Aug 05, 2022

Time to move in!

From working hard, saving up, looking and canvassing for a worthy condo investment, availing and purchasing, moving in is the best ending to all of that!

Throughout the whole process, we wanted to move in with the condo. Finally, we chose to live in and have our own and preferred condo design. Once everything is all set, we can initially start the condo living we dreamed of. 

On the other hand, it is still not that easy to move in, particularly when the unit you purchased is like a blank canvas. If you availed a condo unit that will start from scratch, there is still a long way to go before living comfortably in it. 

Yet, there is this sense of excitement, fulfillment, and enjoyment when you are the one who will imagine and execute the condo design you want for your condo unit. 

This will primarily include the interior design and other essential appliances, your first furniture to buy, or other essential furniture for your first home/condo to make your condo design and living more worthwhile. 

Going back, some people prefer to purchase a condo that is well and fully furnished, yet some people want a condo unit whose condo design is within and be done according to their preference. 

Purchasing a condo unit with nothing inside it is like buying a blank canvas. You will start from the very beginning as it is within your discretion to what kind of motif or ambiance you want for your abode. 

It is up to you how you want to design your condo unit. This design doesn’t just revolve around the colors of your wall and the likes and the furniture and appliances that you need in a casual home and way of living. 

Once you finally have your first home or condo, you must buy the things you need to live. Things like the first furniture to buy for your condo and the essential appliances and furniture for your first home/condo should always be prioritized. 

A homeowner or a condo unit owner must buy appliances and furniture for their convenience, family, and future guests or visitors. It is fulfilling to see that your condo unit is slowly progressing by filling it with your preferred appliances and furniture --- that is essential for you to live and the way you want to live. 

There are numerous and a bunch of appliances and furniture you need for yourself and inside your condo. Furniture for the living room, your bedroom, appliances for your kitchen, and other parts of your condo should be well-listed and bought. 

The furniture and appliances listed below will help you live comfortably and easily inside your condo.

Do you have your list of what essential appliances and furniture you need to buy and have for your first home/condo? Let us help you with that through the lists below!

Check it out!

The following are the furniture and appliances that you may need inside your condo:


We can say that the first piece of furniture that you must buy and have upon having your first home or condo is a bed. You need to have a good and comfortable sleep. Like for a long tiring day, with all your errands for the day and furnishing your home or condo, you deserved a good sleep.


Healthy and well-preserved food are what you really need. Thus, one of the essential appliances you should have is a refrigerator. There are various refrigerator sizes available in the market, and it is for you to decide what fits you and your home or condo. 


Another essential piece of furniture for your first home or condo is a sofa. This is applicable to your living room as this is for a chill-out time for you, your family, and your friends. One to three small or big sofas are enough to fill in your need for your version of the lounging area.


A stove should be included in your essential appliances checklist. Whether you are a food and cooking enthusiast, having a stove for your kitchen is a must. You always need to eat every day; thus, this makes a furnace an essential part of your home --- particularly in your kitchen. 


Of course, when it comes to eating, you must have a dining table and chairs. This will help you eat comfortably and neatly. There are numerous styles and sizes of dining tables and chairs, and you have various choices to pick from. 


Cooking wares are essential for a kitchen. Frying pans, roasting pans, pots, and the like are some of the common cooking wares used in the kitchen. As of today, cooking wares have their own version of aesthetics, so you don’t need to worry if you still prioritize an aesthetic place and ambiance from your living room to your kitchen. 


Cabinets should be included as essential furniture for your first home/condo. One way to be organized in your home or condo is to have a cabinet or a cabinet organizer. These cabinets or cabinet organizers can be used to organize your clothes and other things inside your condo. 


Besides cookware, kitchen utensils should also be included in your checklist. They are automatically considered a need in a kitchen. Forks, spoons, spatulas, spice racks, measuring cups, kitchen scissors, knives, etc., are the most commonly used kitchen wares you should buy. 


Your bathroom should not be left out. You should have a bathroom mat, towel rack, shower curtain, soap dish, toilet brush, and the like. These are the basic bathroom essentials that you should have.


For relaxation and entertainment purposes, the most useable appliances you should purchase are the television and home sound systems. 

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