Top 7 OFW-Friendly Pre-selling Condominiums of Vista Residences

May 25, 2023

Are you an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) looking for a new home or to improve your current home? If you are, then it may be time to jump into the hottest investment trend — preselling condos.

What is a pre-selling property?

Pre-selling properties are properties that are for sale even before they have been completed or fully built. These properties on pre-sale are usually condominiums, houses, lots, and townhouses. This method of selling may seem unconventional at first; however, it provides many advantages, especially to OFWs looking to own permanent residences.

What are the advantages of this?

So, what are the so-called advantages to this pre-selling condo, and why is it a good OFW investment? Let's go through them one by one:

Affordability: A pre-selling condo is more affordable due to the fact that it's still under construction. The prices for these units are usually 30–50% off in comparison to already-built properties, which is why they are popular options, especially for OFWs who may return to the Philippines after some time.

Investment Returns: One thing to consider is the return on investment (ROI), which is the ratio between net income and investment. Simply put, a high ROI means the investment's benefits or gains are greater than its cost. With the increasing demand for condos here in the Philippines, buyers of these pre-selling condo units can make a good profit off of them or even have them rented out.

Income-generating potential: Any real estate is definitely always a potential long-term income generator. Once the home or a pre-selling condo is finished, it can be rented out for decently good prices (as long as its location is convenient and it's attractive).

Better choices for investments Compared to ready-for-occupancy (RFO) properties, buyers can get the first pick of the best units in a pre-selling condo — best view, perfect floor level, and so on.

Flexible Payment Schemes: Since a pre-selling condo unit is still under construction, it will take at least 2–3 years for the project to be completed. With this, payment schemes can usually last a span of 36 months, and sellers can even give promos or discounts.

With the demand for these pre-selling condos and properties, Vistaland International Marketing Inc. is offering you several condominium options with Vista Residences. Let's go through their top 7 OFW-friendly condominiums.

Top 7 Pre-selling Condo in Vista Residences 

1) Morrison Heights

Named after one of the greatest American writers, Morrison Heights is a pre-selling condo in Metro Manila near Espanya, where it resides in one of Metro Manila's historic cities. It stands as an homage to Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, serving as a symbol of change.

Morrison Heights is a 35-story building consisting of thirty residential floors, one amenity floor, three parking floors, and a roof deck. It is a pre-selling condo of contemporary design that is best suited for students and young professionals.

Morrison Heights also has smart home features to offer, as well as a pool deck, gym, study hall, function hall, and lobby.

2) Sky Arts Manila

Sky Arts Manila is a planned 45-story pre-selling condo by Vista Residences, offering diverse residential condo units catering to the different needs and lifestyles of their unit owners. Here, people can stay and enjoy an amazing view of Metro Manila Bay's sunset on the horizon from within 1-bedroom units. It's also perfect for big families hoping to find a place to settle down.

Multiple amenities will also be offered, such as a function hall for gatherings, a study hall for students and young professionals to work in, a swimming pool and gym for fitness and leisure, and a garden fit for morning walks.

Not only this, but this pre-selling condo, Sky Arts, will be established along historic Metro Manila. One can have easy access to restaurants, chic cafes, and convenient stores.


3) Kizuna Heights

Kizuna Heights is one of Vista Residences latest pre-selling condo projects, featured as a meeting of Japanese artistry and Philippine tenacity, located on Taft Avenue, Metro Manila. It is named Kizuna, meaning "connection" or "bond between two people".

The main aim of this pre-selling condo is for its buyers to find their ikigai, a Japanese term for happiness where one finds a delicate balance between their professional goals and life. It is also near central business districts such as Makati and Pasay City.


4) Bradbury Heights

Bradbury Heights is another pre-selling condo project by Vista Residences designed to provide better accommodations and living conditions in Metro Manila. It is located on Espaa Boulevard, a connecting district to Quezon City and Makati City.

Here you can enjoy a serene life matched with modern facilities that are accessible and convenient for those around the University Belt.


5) Hawthorne Heights

Here we have Vista Residences pre-selling condo project along Katipunan Avenue. With Quezon City being one of the most populous cities in Metro Manila, you’re sure to experience a diverse culture and ethnic background, as well as this city’s flourishing business district.

Amenities offered by the pre-selling condo in Hawthorne Heights include a function hall, a swimming pool, a fitness gym, a study hall, and 24-hour security services.

6) Canyon Hill, Baguio

Located in the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Canyon Hill is one of Vista Residences' newest pre-selling condo projects. It’s planned to be a 9-story building with 20–34 units per floor.

With its location in the heart of Baguio City, you can have access to anything and everything the city has to offer, from famous tourist destinations to educational institutions and so much more!


7) Spectrum

Located in the heart of Ortigas Pasig, Spectrum is one of Vista Residences prime properties. It's a 33-story pre-selling condo project offering the dynamic life of the City of Pasig.

Its amenities will include a swimming pool, a fitness and wellness gym, 24-hour security services, and a function hall.

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