Ways to Manage Your Garbage in the Condo

Nov 22, 2021

Waste is constantly generated in apartments, condominiums, and offices. Putting out the trash is like cleaning and is also considered a daily chore. However, condo dwellers are finding themselves with a high level of trash in their units which often include wrappers of food, product packages, food waste, and other items that they want to get rid of.

It is every condo dweller’s responsibility to manage his or her domestic waste by reducing waste, reusing waste, and recycling and composting waste.  We have listed some of the ways you can best manage your home waste.

Reduce trash when you shop

Do you agree that reducing household waste is difficult? It is quite challenging to keep everything to a minimum task but by paying a little attention you can reduce it to some extent by checking the amount of packaging on the products you are buying, choosing packages that are recyclable, purchasing large packs instead of multiple small packets and bottles and cooking more in the condo and consuming less bottled drinking water.

Segregate your waste

It is very important to segregate your waste before you dispose of it. This will help reduce the waste you put out and make it simpler to recycle and compost. Waste can be segregated in several ways, which include dry waste, wet waste, and hazardous waste.

Dry waste -  keep separate plastic for dry waste like papers, plastic, glass and metal as they can be reused and recycled.

Wet waste - wet waste like vegetables, kitchen waste, fruit peels, egg shells and fish scales, among others should be kept in separate plastic as they can be used as compost.

Hazardous waste - hazardous waste includes such as batteries, wires, electronic toys, remotes, bulbs, tube lights; toxic waste like paints, insecticides, their containers; and biomedical waste like expired medicines, tubes, used cosmetics, thermometer and used syringes should be disposed of daily.

Reduce the amount of waste you create

Reducing waste that you throw away has a direct impact, but you can also do other things to reduce waste apart from segregating them. Try to repair the usable items instead of throwing them away. Consider giving those unwanted items to someone in need or selling them. The next time you shop, buy products that are durable and have a long life. Remind yourself to reduce the turnover of clothes and other products and avoid unnecessary purchases that will only make your condo unit full and cluttered later on. 

Reuse the reusable items

Instead of throwing away everything that you don’t want and need, check which of them you could still reuse in whatever way you can. Plastic and paper bags can be reused while shopping, plastic bottles, and containers can be reused in the kitchen and papers can be used for DIY arts and crafts. 

Recycle and compost

You can do composting in your condo complex. Check with the property management team if you can put all the wet waste separately in a compost bin and where the designated area would be. 

The compost can be used for plants within the complex or for your mini-garden in the condo balcony to make them healthy. Some condo properties have partnerships with farmers and other nonprofit organizations for composting activities. 

HOA’s Big Role

The property management team and the Homeowners Association (HOA) should also lead the waste segregation and recycling drive of the community. Having recycling options at your condo complex can cut down on the amount of garbage that is collected at the property. The HOA can implement the following activities to ensure proper waste disposal and management within the condo complex.

  1. There should be separate waste collection bins for different waste and a common compost bin for all condo residents.
  2.  Implementing several accessible disposal stations throughout the property can ensure that the condo dwellers can easily access a trash bin. 
  3. It is also the responsibility of the HOA to create awareness among residents regarding proper waste management.
  4. Streamlining the garbage and recycling systems by informing and communicating with condo residents on how to dispose of trash. They can implement rules and ensure that the garbage pick-up frequency is consistent and meets the needs of the residents.
  5. Work with condo residents to maximize the safety and cleanliness of the exterior space. 

Collective efforts

All condo residents should take collective actions for reducing and managing the waste generated in their complex. If the condo residents share the same goal of effectively managing the waste in the condo, then it will be a lot easier to achieve. 

Managing domestic waste has now become a necessity. Methods for reducing waste, reusing waste and recycling and composting waste are the best options for managing your home waste. But it will only be effective if all the residents understand its importance, mechanisms, and benefits to them.

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