Why Should You Invest in a Condo for Retirement?

Dec 01, 2021

An average person spends about 35 years working in their lifetime. Most people need the money they have accumulated over their lifetimes to fund and enjoy their golden years. Investing of any kind can be complicated at any point in your life. And when it comes to investing your retirement money it is a decision that most of the world population cannot afford to get wrong. To have a comfortable, secure, and fun retirement, you need to build the financial map and fuel that will fund your retirement plan. 

Retirement Planning  

Retirement planning is a process that evolves and develops as you explore, learn and talk to professionals or retirees themselves. Retirement planning starts with painting how you would want your retirement to look. Think about your retirement goals and how long you have to meet them. Then you need to look at the types of retirement accounts that can help you raise the money to fund your future. As you save that money, you have to invest it to enable it to grow. 

There are plenty of options where you can invest your retirement funds, some of them are:

  1. Savings & Life Plans
  2. Stocks, Bonds & Business
  3. Real estate & Condominiums

Investing in Condominiums

Condominiums are an increasingly popular choice, especially for people who are:

  1. Young professionals, small families who want to be nearer to their offices, schools, while living in a secure, fun cityscape environment.
  2. Retirees who are struggling to maintain a detached house but aren’t ready to live in a restrictive retirement home. The condo lifestyle offers the perfect combination of independence and security.   
  3. Anyone who is looking to diversify their investment portfolio. There are a lot of options when it comes to condos. Standard condos include new and pre-construction condos, renovation condos, and existing condos on the second-hand market. 

Income Generating Condo Living

With the rise of applications and online resources for accommodations and rentals like Airbnb and RentPad, any empty livable space located in a strategic and practical location can be an income-generating option for your retirement plan. Here are some benefits of investing in a condominium and opening it up for rent: 

Passive Income

The biggest benefit to owning a rental property is that it’s a passive income source. This means that it is recurring income that requires relatively little effort to maintain. The additional income is very helpful for retirees, for both emergencies, further diversification of their investment portfolios, and their post-retirement leisures.

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Flexibility to Sell at the Right Time

Say you’re ready to move, but the market conditions aren’t the best. Rather than selling your property for a loss, you can rent out your property until market conditions improve. Renting out your property gives you the flexibility of selling once you’re in a better position to make a profit off your property. Renting out your property now allows you to hold onto your property in case it appreciates, giving you the option to sell when the time is right. The amount of appreciation is going to vary by market. Research the appreciation potential of different cities and neighborhoods to see what you might be able to expect.

Benefits of Condo Living During Retirement

Living in a condo offers a number of benefits over living in a detached dwelling, especially for retirees who want to change their lifestyle and avoid the complications of house ownership. While living in a detached house can be a great option for people during their younger years, the disadvantages often outweigh the benefits as time goes on. Here are some benefits of living in a Condominium during your retirement:


First and foremost, buying a condo is generally more affordable than buying a detached home. You do not own the building exterior or the surrounding land, which can save you a lot of money on the purchase price and the ongoing maintenance. If you're nearing retirement age, a less expensive purchase price allows you to spend more of your money on hobbies, families, and other interests.


Condos allow people to access a wide range of amenities, from sporting amenities such as pools and bowling greens to social amenities and shared living spaces. Many retirement condos also include commercial amenities, with full-time shops or visiting practitioners allowing you to access goods and services on-site. Access to age-specific amenities helps you to stay active for longer and allows you to enjoy the company of your new friends and neighbors.  

Lack of maintenance

When you live in a standard house, you are responsible for all of the maintenance and cleaning. In contrast, living in a condo requires very little maintenance, with each resident only needing to look after the interior of their own unit. All exterior and shared space maintenance is taken care of in exchange for monthly condo fees, so you never have to worry about mowing the lawn or cleaning the gutters.

Social support 

Living in a condo can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life. Rather than isolating yourself in a detached house, a condo allows you to make new connections with people in a similar age bracket. Retirement condos often include intricate social support structures, from social and sporting clubs to regular activities and day trips. Before choosing a condo, don’t forget to look into “membership” and review the activity calendar.

It's never too early to start planning for retirement, and the earlier you can start, the better. Investing in retirement accounts early gives the money more time to grow and puts less stress on your investment decisions later in life. Retirement is something that many people look forward to their entire working life, a time to relax and enjoy a slower pace of life, so when you find a condominium that's perfect for you, enjoy the wonders of the new condo lifestyle. Not only will you be surrounded by people of a similar age, but you can also enjoy a range of modern amenities, social clubs, and exciting new lifestyle opportunities.

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