10 Things You Must Do Before Leaving Your Condominium

Mar 02, 2022

A fun-filled vacation can quickly turn sour if you have to come back home to problems or situations that you could have avoided in the first place. One of Murphy's Laws for travelers is that if something can go wrong while you're on vacation or outside, it will. But returning from a memorable journey and learning something has gone seriously wrong at your condo can be downright devastating. So, if you're planning a vacation or a trip with your kids, friends, or family, make sure you plan for the worst-case scenario that could occur while you're away. 

As the summer season approaches, this is the time of year when the kids are out of school and holiday spots are most appealing. Everyone needs to take a break and unwind from their hectic activities. Let us not forget that, among all the commotion, this is also a time when many people take advantage of the noise, resulting in numerous house invasions. This hectic time of year also increases the risk of household accidents and other little mishaps that are easily missed or forgotten. That’s why, while you're deciding where to go and what to do on your vacation, you must also ensure that your apartment or condo is secure while you're away. You can put notes or things you need to attend like before leaving the house checklist and reminders. As soon as you step foot on the beach or even outside, the last thing you want is to get a call about a condo emergency.

If you're leaving your condo or apartment unattended during the holidays, here are a few reminders and ideas to add to your leisure time checklist to help you relax and enjoy your vacation.

Let them know. 

Notify your condo's management of your leave. This way, they won't let anyone in unless you specifically requested a cleaner and will be alerted if any activity is detected within your apartment. Leave your contact information so that if something goes wrong, they'll know how to get in touch with you. With this, they can expect that there will be no activity in your unit and can be notified if people look for you or try to enter your unit.

Lock it Up.

Every condo checklist should include this item. You lock the doors and windows when you leave. Make sure to bring your condo key safe with you anywhere. You lock the doors, windows, and all entrance points, even your cat's hidden route when you depart for an extended period. Close all of the blinds and the window curtains as well. Installing a security system for enhanced condo security will also help.

Pull out all needed plugs. 

If you turn off your water supply, you won't come home to difficult watersheds such as lick pipe or if a pipe bursts while you're out. Make sure to check all the house wires and electrical controls to avoid short circuits and accidents. Protect your condo by unplugging all electronic appliances. Turn off the main switch too if you will be gone for days.

Light Rooms.

You want your condo to appear as though it had been lived in. Intruders will be intimidated by this. You may use timers on lights in several rooms and set them to different hours to make it appear as if someone is inside flicking the switch.

Take out the Trash.

Anything biodegradable must be removed before you leave, just like perishables. A basic cleaning before you go is a good idea if you have the time. If you don't want to come home to a stinky condo, make sure you take away all trash. This will keep bugs and pests out of your home.

Clean your Fridge.

Discard out perishable things from your refrigerator if you can't finish everything. To avoid mold, stink, and mold, unplug the fridge and keep the door slightly ajar. You can also use a deodorizer to get rid of the odor.

Do not leave dirty laundry or wet clothes.

Dirty garments are another cause of noxious odors the wet ones will come at you with fury if you leave them unattended. Bring all of your clothing to your favorite laundromat and request that they hold them until you return, or you can do your laundry a day or two before you leave.

Keep your plants alive. 

If ever you have indoor plants at home, they should be kept out of direct sunlight. Pinch off wilted blossoms and dead stems from your plants. They can be placed on a tray with water and pebbles. Before you depart, give the plants plenty of water and cover them with plastic to prevent them from drying out. You might also simply hire someone to care for them.

Keep valuable out of sight.

You have protected your condo or apartment unit by paying additional dues. However, as a precaution, keep things that you won't be able to bring with you in a hidden location. This is true of jewelry, electronic devices, and other small goods that may be readily hidden and shuffled away.

Pay Bill.

Before you leave, make sure you've paid all of your payments. You don't want anything to be overdue, especially electrical/gas or water, so you may continue your trip without interruption.

Trips are supposed to help you relax and destress, but if you don't plan ahead of time, you can find yourself having a difficult time instead. Don't allow a lack of planning to ruin your long-awaited vacation. Simply follow these guidelines to prepare your home before leaving for your vacation, and you'll have a fantastic time. Whether you're leaving town for the weekend or a week or two, there are a few things you should do around your condo before you left.

Now sit back and relax while you're away from your home! Rest assured that by following these measures before leaving the house checklist, you will be able to relax knowing that your home will be safe and secure when you return. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Before you go on vacation, use this condo checklist to ensure that your home is safe while you are away. It will also ensure that you and your family have a wonderful time on your well-deserved holiday.

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