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2021 Condo Furniture Trends We Love and Have Our Eyes On

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DIY interior decorating is making a buzz these days. With majority of people staying indoors - doing remote office work or online schooling, people want to make their condo space as comfortable as possible. The ease of online shopping also enabled everyone to just casually browse through their phones and put items on check-out - whenever, wherever.

No condo space is too small for a creative mind. The challenge for condo dwellers nowadays is to be able to find the right balance between creating a condo space that you’ll be comfortable living in and filling your condo with items that are perfect for your needs while highlighting your personal aesthetic.

Here are some of the trending furniture piecesthat you may consider for your next DIY condo interior project:

Bright fresh solutions

Plantitos and Plantitas are the modern green-thumb warriors whose aesthetics always include every item that Mother Nature can produce - from real plants, macrame hangers and rattan chairs, to varnished tree trunks and dried flowers as wall décor. 

Clusters of houseplants in corners and on shelves invite a “jungalow” viber, and natural materials help lighten up the look of things instead of using heavier materials. This condo trend basically brings great outdoors into your condo space.

However, these pieces usually come in high cost, since they are mostly handmade and of good quality.

Colors of the earth

Illuminating and Ultimate Gray may be the color of the year, but earth tone materials will never go out of style. Earth tone colors include Forest Green, Charcoal Grey, Wood Bark, Earth Brown, Auburn, Cedar, Dusk, Beet Red, Burnt Orange, Rust, Ocher, Artichoke, and etc.

Any of these hues will certainly add a rich, sophisticated touch to your condo. If you go dark, just make sure you get a lot of natural light to offset its intensity. Or you can simply embrace the moody cave vibes you will create, if that is more your speed.  

These pieces may seem similar to the first item on the list, but they actually differ on the materials used. Some of these pieces are made out of synthetic materials that somehow replicate natural pieces, such as felt fabric and paint to mimic patterns from nature.

Designers usually opt to use these types of pieces to exhibit a natural environment without using actual plants or flowers.

Japanese minimalist pieces

Japanese condo interior is synonymous with minimalism. These pieces are made out of varnished wood with a touch of white paint on the areas that need to be accentuated.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese homes that only have two to three color tones, these pieces are usually made out of natural wood that is meticulously varnished and painted, for a clean finish. These furniture are usually small in size and are stackable, most of the time.

Japanese minimalist pieces usually have subtle natural textures which apply not only to furniture but also to woven pendants and lampshades, adding a natural touch to ceilings and corners, too.

Hi-tech abode

With the rise of online game streaming and also the continuous technological innovations lately, many people are transforming their condo space, especially their simple desks into their very own bat cave. These pieces range from cheap neon light strips that you can get online, to the most expensive lighted table there is.

Gaming chairs in all sorts of color and brands are also a staple.

Ergonomic design

Although gaming chairs are “in” these days, nothing beats an ergonomic office chair that caresses every inch of your body, with its well thought of features.

These features include a curved backrest for back support, an adjustable arm rest for wrist support, and leg rest to prevent your legs from “falling asleep”. Oddly shaped couches, which follow the natural curvature of the body also add a little quirk to the usual condo living room setup.

Function + Aesthetics

Creating a functional piece does not mean that you should compromise aesthetics. Small condo spaces usually ask for furniture that are multifunctional.

Sofa beds, expandable dining tables, shelves that can be turned into tables, and storage boxes disguised as ottoman chairs. You can enjoy the benefit of the purposes they serve without sacrificing your condo space.

Loft Meets Industrial

Form and function are both equally important considerations for industrial modern design. This theme is kind of similar to minimalist materials, but has a more coarse and rough finish.

Colors are also leaning more on the dark tones such as dark brown to blacks.

This theme reflects how structural elements are turned into showpieces, achieving a look that seems unfinished yet cohesive and chic.

Most of the materials are made out of metal that is painted with disheveled silver or brass. Leather couches and stone tables also fit in this category. Large lamps and sometimes, antique metal sculptures give a nice touch to a loft/industrial themed lay-out.

Boho chic

If minimalist/lofty lay-out is not your style, and you are mostly leaning on colorful and textured pieces, then you may opt to buy boho-inspired condo furniture. Mismatched dining chairs, large, patterned carpets, and tie-dyed fabric are the points of attraction.

You may also download some pop-art online and have them framed and hanged on the wall. There are many boho-inspired pieces available online, and there are also specialty shops that offer these types of condo furniture.

There’s no need in trying to complete your DIY condo interior in one single purchase. Continue doing your regular scanning of style and furniture pegs. Check out different online stores where you can shop your dream pieces. Remember, it does not have to come in one go.

You may opt to buy the pieces one by one every month, until you complete the masterpiece that you call home. The most important thing is that you find your happiness not from the decorations that you have, but from doing what you love and sharing them with the people you are living with.

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