2022 Feng Shui Condo Interior Design Tips

Jan 23, 2022

According to Chinese astrology, 2022 will be the Year of the Water Tiger, symbolizing ambition, competitiveness, impulsivity, and communication. So, by putting some Feng Shui home time into action, you may start the year off on the right foot. By facilitating positive energy flow throughout your house or condo living, Feng Shui gives harmony and calm to your lives. The five elements: earth, water, fire, wood, and metal, are used in this ancient Chinese philosophy to improve "Chi." Each element indicates a favorable characteristic. Wood is a symbol of development and creativity; fire is a symbol of boldness and leadership; the earth is a symbol of strength and stability; metal is a symbol of focus and order, and water is a symbol of emotion and inspiration. 

The vital life force that lives within every entity is chi, which is at the heart of Feng Shui. Chi is created by combining yin and yang, two opposing but complementary energies, where yin is the feminine and yang is the masculine.

Feng Shui's interior design concepts for 2022 are really simple to apply in practice, although they may appear mystical and abstract. The result is a home that is cleaner, less cluttered, and more pleasing to the eye.

Role of Bagua Map in Feng Shui Interior Design

The Bagua map is the most important tool in Feng Shui design. In Chinese, "Bagua" denotes "eight places." It's essentially an eight-section Feng Shui room map. Family, job, celebrity, fortune, wisdom, love, children, and helpful people/travel are just a few of the topics covered. You'll find the ninth part in the middle of the room. Your Feng Shui interior design for your house or condo design will be guided by the nine regions, each of which is linked to a distinct element and color.

The wealth quadrant is related to wood and blue on the Bagua map. The renowned area is ruled by fire, so be sure to include red goods as well as tall elements like floor lights. Love and romantic relationships are next on the list. Decorative objects should always be paired in pairs. The fourth quadrant, which is related to wood, is family. The prevalent color in this area is green.

The areas of health are ruled by earth and yellow. In the children's quadrant, the most prominent Feng Shui decor elements are purple and metal. Earth is also in charge of wisdom. Books and plenty of greenery should be used to decorate spaces in this area. The eighth area is where you're working. Choose dark grey and black ornamental elements, as well as mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Finally, metal and white control the quadrant of travel and assist others.

Feng Shui Home Decorating Tips

Breathe a new life into your house. 

A personality should be a part of a Feng Shui home. As a result, a good arrangement can give your house and condo living a fresh lease on life. Start with the most basic aspect. Consider making tiny adjustments to your furniture arrangement, such as adding trendy pieces that complement your personality. Also, make sure the furniture is appropriate for your house and condo design. Choose a minimalist style to avoid excesses that disturb you, which is simple to control. 

Consider the purpose of each space as a second stage, as this will help you determine the type of furniture you'll need. Ensure that mobility around the furniture is possible while deciding on a layout. The furniture should be placed in a well-balanced configuration that ensures the space's usefulness while also stabilizing the surrounding environment.

Follow the right placements in your living room.

Allow Feng Shui energy to flow freely through your condo living space by decluttering and airing it out. To bring the outside in, plant a lot of plants. Make sure the furniture in your home is relaxing, appealing, and inviting. Your seating furniture should be placed in a way that encourages interaction.

Your sofa should, in theory, be against a wall and face the entryway. This is the room's "commanding position," with a clear view of the door. To determine the optimum shape for a coffee table and the dominating color in the space, use the Bagua map. Lay the map over your home's floorplan and check which quadrant your living room falls into to choose the dominating color. Decorate with family artifacts and furniture in rectangular shapes, for example, if it's in the family room.

Know where to place your kitchen appliances.

The kitchen should be at the back of your house and condo design, either at the south or north end, according to Feng Shui house plan rules. Don't worry if yours doesn't fit this template. You can still create a nice vibe in your kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the most significant rooms for your health, according to Feng Shui guidelines, and the stove is at its center. Avoid putting your sink right next to the stove if at all possible. The two elements of fire and water collide as a result of this.

Fill the gap between your cabinets with plants or kitchen decor if they don't reach all the way to the ceiling. This will keep dust and negative energy from accumulating.

Determine the most prominent position for your bed.

Begin by determining the most prominent position for your bed, which is the room's largest piece of furniture. It should be against a wall and opposite the door, according to Feng Shui regulations for interior design. Buy a headboard if you don't have one ready. Headboards provide a sense of security and comfort. Choose a headboard that has gentle edges, such as an upholstered headboard. Metals, such as wrought iron, should be avoided. Avoid furniture with sharp corners in general, and choose a style that encourages rest and relaxation.

Bring in values. 

Consider the items that have special importance for you when it comes to choosing to accessorize. They should also radiate a cheerful vibe. Consider the following suggestions if you're unsure how you got such a result: pick products that instantly elicited a sense of calmness, enjoyment, interest, and accomplishment in your heart to elevate your condo design. Keep in mind that your environment is influenced by factors that you are not aware of. Whether it's a nice vacation memory, a photo of a loved one, or a unit that reminds you of a certain person, all of these things are important to you.

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