7 Best Wallets You Must Have for the New 1000 Peso Bill.

Jul 11, 2022

With the emergence of cashless transactions, there is no doubt that in no time, the only thing left in our wallets are cards. Or maybe they might also be replaced with the likes of GCash, PayMaya, and other mobile wallets popping around the corner (also an added point for those who enjoy the perfect combination of condo living and delivery!)

But despite such a trend, every Filipino still has that instance of keeping even just a single 1000 Peso bill in their wallet, and it's understandable!

The thing is, Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) just issued the new 1000 Peso bill. What's new? Its size. It is a little bigger than the usual 1000 peso bill we used to have. It is also made from a new material called Polymer, a plastic-based material replacing the long-used Abaca Fibers, which is believed to be the strongest, most flexible, and absorbent fiber worldwide.

Though it encountered various criticism from the Filipinos, the banknotes were still released in April this year. And so this means Filipinos need to invest in a new, longer wallet.

Here's a guide once you have decided to do a shopping spree of some of the best long wallets available near you (or available for delivery, door-to-door for condo living)!

Disclaimer: some items were not technically "long wallets" by definition. These are long wallets because the new 1000 Peso bill perfectly fits, and it does not give or leave permanent folds.

7 Best Long Wallets to buy for your new 1000 bill, Philippines 2022.

Travando Slim Wallet with Money Clip

Travando provides you with the opportunity to select a slimline wallet. It is constructed of dependable and fashionable carbon leather and is specifically created to fit comfortably in the pocket. With 11 card slots and an accessible pocket for the most used cards, users may have plenty of room. Most importantly, it has a money clip that is also included for storing currency -just perfect for that elegant and new 1000 peso bill. This wallet comes packaged in a chic and sophisticated gift box, which is likely appropriate with the same sophistication as the new bill—a deserving first spot for that best long leather wallet.

Gucci Ophidia GG Supreme Wallet

Gucci's Ophidia GG Supreme Wallet features a typical bifold design that surely fits the new 1000 peso bill for those who choose more conventional items. Of course, the best leather, canvas, and silk are all offered. Style-wise, it has the GG logo from Gucci and instantly identifiable red and green stripes. Eight card pockets plus a place for notes, receipts, and business cards are included. With this much elegance, you'll be eager to pull it out of your pocket whenever you have the chance.

Columbia Men's RFID Trifold Wallet 7

The Men's RFID Trifold Wallet from Columbia is a more conventional choice for a typical man (or woman). It is made from gorgeous, premium leather, which naturally resists tearing and fading and holds up well over time - a good deal for the price! Six card slots, a clear ID window, two slip slots, and a roomy note section are all visible when the trifold design is opened.

The good thing about the trifold design is that it may be folded, but it still can be assured that the money bank inside is not that crumpled, and even permanent marks are not that visible, which makes this wallet an ideal for that new 1000 peso bill.

Anything from bank and loyalty cards to IDs, business cards, and cash may be conveniently stored. To ensure the security of your chipped cards, the lining also has RFID blocking.

It may be a "long wallet" once opened, but the trifold feature helps to maximize space, especially when carrying small bags or purses.

Lentz Trucker Wallet

If you're searching for a wallet with a distinctive style, high-quality materials, and complementary usefulness, the Mr. Lentz Trucker Wallet is a terrific option. Comparatively speaking to conventional and best long leather wallets, the wallet has the strangest design. The wallet is divided into three card slots, each of which has enough for up to five cards. The last compartment is a lengthy bill section that may be used to conveniently hold up to 20 or more flat 1000 peso bills.

Every purchase from Mr. Lentz's line comes with a chain, a fantastic bonus. If you like to wear a chain with your wallet, you may choose from various sizes, ranging from little to large. You will undoubtedly like this wallet.

Tommy Hilfiger Long Wallet

The Tommy Hilfiger long wallet has a more conventional appearance, but it is still quite practical and reasonably priced. Twelve card slots, two concealed slots, an ID card window, and a flat bill storage option for up to twenty or more of the new 100 peso bills are just a few features in the wallet.

The wallet is made from average leather materials. This indicates that continued usage will hasten the wallet's degeneration. However, the price of the wallet reflects the usage of less expensive material, having a price of just around Php 1,700.

Fossil Neel Executive Wallet

The Fossil Neel wallet is closer to what everyone may anticipate from a conventional long wallet. The Neel wallet is bi-fold and is constructed of superior leather. It contains a full-length note pocket, an ID window, and a lengthy zipper slot—all simple but excellent features for a wallet of this design. The wallet has a maximum storage capacity of 14+ cards and seven credit/debit card slots.

This wallet has a basic design that most might enjoy, and it works great in real life while wandering outside. This might be one of the best leather wallets in town because of its distinct "aged" feel that one may find particularly noticeable - giving it a premium appearance, just like the new 1000 peso bills.

Bellroy Folio Long Wallet

The Bellroy Folio, another distinctive wallet completing this list, comes with a full circular zipper. The Bellroy line is committed to creating distinctive, high-quality men's wallets. The Folio is no exception, and with a beautiful, sleek design and a variety of quality colors to select from, its creative design is something to speak about (designs come in orange, green, blue, and black).

The wallet mostly resembles a purse with a full wrap-around zip system to hold everything in place. You may feel safe knowing that nothing is visible from the outside and that your items will be protected while they are hidden. The Folio can contain up to 14 cards, including credit and debit cards, but it may hold more if required. With the number of cards that it can have, it's a shame not to conclude that it CAN also carry a big number of the new 1000 peso bills.

Additionally, the magnetic coin pouch in the center of the wallet can be used to store coins since accessing them is much easier. The wallet also features a space within it specifically designed to keep a smartphone so that it can handle that item as well—an item very worthy of its price!

This rounds up some of the best recommendations for a new long leather wallet to choose from, just in time while you're searching for a "new 1000 peso bill Philippines 2022" and discovering the new features and aesthetics of the banknotes.

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